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How did the U.S become a global superpower?
In todays world U.S is the one of the superpowers. But how could a 250-year-old country become so strong while having very old countries in the world? This has many reasons of course but first let’s look at what does superpower mean. According to Dictionary.com it is ‘an extremely powerful nation, especially one capable of influencing international events and the acts and policies of less powerful nations’. The definition is right and we had two superpowers like that in the twentieth century. They were the former Soviet Union and U.S.
While we are looking through the United States history we see that they were suffered from very depressing situations like Civil War. But they managed to get out of the situations. Civil War was one of the main events in the United States history and it had huge effects on America. Banning slavery and giving voting rights for all male citizens regardless of their race were two of the impacts on America. They were the key actions for going to a democracy.
Also wars are important causes of the way becoming global superpower. In the 1914

When the World War I began America tried to stay out of the war and isolated. They wanted

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to stay out of the war because they wanted to trade with both countries. U.S stayed out of the

war until 1917 and when trade became impossible they declared war on Germany. After the war U.S went in a progressive era.


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