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In this essay I am going to advise and inform you about human resource management. The sectors that I will be focusing on are; ways in which performance can be monitored, how individual training and development needs can be identified, and different strategies for continuing development of individuals in health and social care. This is important because, ‘Human Resource Management deals with issues related to compensation, performance, management, organization, development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, training and others.’ (Griffith, 2011, pg1).

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There are endless ways performance can be monitored. To monitor them, the manager and the individual may converse, so they can both comprehend the improvements that should be made and the improvements that have been made. Commnication is pivotal when monitoring the performance of any individual, as you would need to interact and communicate in order to settle any developments that could help the individual further. In consequence, you can be able to promote individuals as if they improved by a great quantity, then the individual may be promoted into a higher level. Performance appraisal is the most frequently used tool to measure an individual’s performance. The appraisal has five key elements: measurement, feedback, positive reinforcement and exchange of views and agreement. Also, an electronic way to perfectly monitor your employees’ performance, is to use a new technique which is email monitoring, which is specifically used for organizations that have employees for email duties. Email monitoring gives employers the ability to look at email messages sent or received by their employees. Emails can be viewed and recovered even if they had been previously deleted. Although, in my opinion, I believe that the communicative monitoring is more effective as it assists both the employees and employers since both sides have knowledge of the monitoring and the employee knows what to improve and what to do better, rather than doing it secretly without any feedback or improvements to be made.

Using the performance of individuals, individual training and development can be identified by, firstly, assessing their performance and what needs to be improved and what skills has been developed, then, you shall identify their training needs and the specific major details in their overall performance that needs to be maintained and the individual needs to be trained. Leadership and management in health and social care (2008) stress that ‘Performance management is about ensuring that managers themselves are aware of the impact of their own behavior on the people they manage and that managers should identify and exhibit positive behaviors’. In order for this process to work successfully, you need to only assess each individual and not use an individual as an allegory for the entire population of staff, as some individuals may have more alarming skills that have to be developed more than others, or some individuals may not have one skill that other individuals may have mastered. Identifying individual training is very important, because it helps the employer to develop a partnership with the employee, and also ensure that the employee would become a qualified, skilled professional.

To ensure that the development of the individuals is continued and the mistakes that have been learned from are used for future references, there are a few different strategies that could be used, for example;

the employer could send a supervisor to supervise the employee, so that the individual would be refrained as to make the same mistake again, and therefore make that attitude a habit.

The employer could put the employee in the same situation over and over again. This would make the individual aware of their previous mistakes and, also, make their mind more mindful and therefore be refrained from making the same mistakes again.

Another way is to ‘provide timely feedback so mistake can be responded to.'(Heick, 2017) If you provide feedback of the issue and provide it in an understanding, calm way; research shows that the individual would more likely to respond to the feedback and not make the same mistake again.

There are two relevant theories of leadership, that apply to health and social care, which include the behavioral theory and the situational hypothesis. the behavioral theory is very similar to the trait theory. However, the most vital attribute of this theoretical approach is that the Behaviorism theory is a more “democratic” kind of theory. Becoming a leader, according to the behaviorist school of thought, is just a matter of proper training, while trait theory holds that a leader must have certain inherent, innate qualities. Nevertheless, this theory introduced following the criticism of trait theory. It has been also shown by many research, that if you are influential and prosperous then you are more likely to be leader, and that leadership is mostly self-ascendancy. According to behavioral theory, leaders can be learned instead of being inherent. The situational theoretical is defined by anon as it presumes that different way and patterns of leading depend on different side and stratum. Nevertheless, situational theory asserts that the best leaders pattern is ascertained by the situational gene.

To continue, there are many ways to develop a working relationship for leaders. The one that is the best is the one of working relationship maintenance, which is by using trust to trust he employee to carry out a task of high standard. Furthermore, a good leader should always respect their workforce. A way to do that is to; be sincere, mindful, open, genuine, cooperative and patient towards their employees. Thy should be able to promote openness and kindness within the workplace. They should also be able to conquer any cultural discrimination or any prejudice attitudes in the organization. Moreover, the leader should focus on the communication of the individuals in the workplace, including the effective communication that must be happening between the employee and the employer. This focus should be on utilizing the most effective form of communication in each specific scenario. For example, when discussing weaknesses, a private meeting would be appropriate whilst for team targets, team meetings or group emails would be more effective. In addition, body language, listening skills, ability to maintain eye contact and attentiveness are all effective ways to develop and maintain a working relationship. It is the leader’s reaction to circumstances that determines their influence over the individuals.

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