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Recruitment strategy
Human resource plan
Recruitment and retention for Personal support workers is on high demand in government organization, National organizations in Canada and other developed countries. The demand for these services are expected to boost up in next 25 years on increasing numbers of aging population . PSWs work with their clients to improve health care needs and serve individuals in support living environments, long-term care home, retirement homes, hospitals and client homes. Services to be done ranges from delegated health care works from assisting in daily living tasks. The job even has increasing demand due to the higher pay ranges. The recruitment is done based on various strategies on viewing literature and key informant interviews on considering experience of candidate ability to perform duties and handle situations. Recruitment and selection specialists will be responsible for these duties. On hiring successful candidates the organization aims to meet its vision, mission and goals. On the flipside this will help the firm to grow as well as to maintain its reputation and recognition in future. Also, the recruitment and retention of PSWs require to address the current challenges like compensation, working conditions, education and training, and quality assurance.
Internal factors
Hiring policies
Hiring is the risk based process not only for the recognized and successful organizations but even for new firms. The position will be offered to the most qualified and capable candidate who meet the requirements during the hiring process. The strategies fall under the HR policies and will be defined in the recruitment process and is ensured that these policies meet the hiring challenges and successful candidates are being pulled out from the talent pool. If unable to meet the demands locally the organization may hire from different geographic region by involving in paying the candidates to relocate to access the talent pool. Other recruitment policy is to fulfil the positions by hiring part-time and temporary candidates as followed custom of business.
Work policies
The work policies are set and crafted based on the employment standards and policies which complies with meeting the legal aspects and regulations which minimizes the risk and exposure of the firm. Human resource department and the executive board together work on creating, implementing and altering of the polices for the staff based on human resource proficiencies.
These policies will be reviewed in following years and applicable changes are made according to the legal amendments organizational and staff requirements.
Size of organization/firm
The size of the firm determine the scope & demand of recruitment. As the wider the firm expands the recruitment becomes complex. It would become more time-consuming and HR need to concentrate on large data processing.
External factors
In recruitment process unemployment rate create massive impact. The increase in number of applicant for job openings depends on the unemployment rate. Its always the decision of the board of the firm and HR to hire according to their own terms and policies. This in turn makes the recruitment process simple. If the unemployment rate is too low it may give a tough time to the firm to attract the desired candidate with the on-going benefits.
Labour market & Labour law
The employment conditions in the city and surrounding location were the firm is situated has an influence on the recruitment process and its effort of the firm. On recruiting if there is surplus on man power, the advertisements through social medias, website, and through job portals will attract more applicants. This ensures the firm to be a good competitor in the market. Also, this process helps and simplify the job on determining the wages working conditions. Some Laws are implanted from government level about labour law. Rules and regulations prohibiting discrimination in hiring and recruiting sometimes create an impact on the recruitment practices. These obligations influence the firm like providing reservation for local people, gender age group etc., these factors also restrict the Managements freedom to hire talented and skilled employee who is believed to contribute better performance.
Supply and demand
The phrase Demand and Supply is very true in case of talent hunt. The shortage of the specific skilled professional required by your firm will make you suffer in the search. If the supply is limited, it is the choice of the management to hire employees and train internally for desired skill. Our human resource firm always look forward to hire most qualified employees. The firm stick forward to static by conducting hiring required on demand of workforce.
Ontario striving to provide care for increasing number of aging population by number of health care organization, the competition for specific jobs increases the complexities in hiring of the candidates with matching profile to meet organizational needs. The more the competition is, the choice level for candidates are higher which gives a hard situation for the organization to hire the perfect applicant. On redefining hiring process, the approach and policies of the competitors are also taken in account.
Legal Environment
In recruitment process its better being aware of certain legal factors for minimizing risk. Job postings, interviews, recruitment and selection process, and all job related factors are to be done in the legal respect. According to Human Rights and Employment in Ontario, its duty of the employer or the organization to avoid any ground of discrimination from the beginning of hiring process. All individuals working in the firm should be enjoying the equality in the workplace including freedom, rights to express their thoughts etc. It’s the responsibility of the organization and HR ; recruitment team to ensure that the wages are offered on the basis of skill required, responsibility and effort required, seniority system if there is Union (, 2018). During an interview process it’s a requirement that the candidate leaves whishing that he/she would be working for you. The personal information’s collected will be secured accordingly that complies with the privacy.
Canada Labour code also has influence on hiring decisions. This includes the Health and safety practices, Employment standard act. These terms and conditions are to be mentioned in the description of job and further details are to be discussed during the job orientation.
Action plan

Method Start Date End Date Recruiting panel
Online Advertisement
Open application resume submission
Review applications
Telephonic screening
Initial interview screening
Interview scheduling
Candidate selection
Reference ; background check
Job offering

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Application pool Development
Our firm is always looking forward to hire most skilled and efficient employees to meet the demand of the organization. By providing better care for personal support and care seekers. As an initial stage of job posting, the openings for all positions will be announced internally through the website and through notice boards. Since, our firm always support the career development for all our employees. The required postings ensure that expert and interesting candidates can express their interest on forwarding application. A week after the job openings will be advertised through online website, job portals and through social media, and job fairs. Its ensured to reach into all people about the openings, news papers and television advertisements are the perfect means for those who don’t have access to social media. The advertisements will be done for limited number of days by which all interested candidates forward there application by email or in person. The firm believes that by this process we are able to find best and outstanding candidates that best fits the position and can work forward to meet mission and vision of the organization.
Review application pool
After reaching into interested applicants. the received applications both from internal applicants and external applicants will be reviewed. On basis of number of openings, the number of resumes to be shortlisted will be decided the applications with most matching profiles and background will be shortlisted for the initial screening. These applicants will be brought in front of the interview panel to test the knowledge, skills and ability as required by the firm. On further background and reference checks the selected candidates for desired position will be determined.

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