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Recently there has been a recurrence of an old conflict about whether mature content and extreme action video games should be banned. Some say the games plant violent thoughts into teens heads or that they give kids a unhealthy adrenaline rush that will cause harm to the individual and society. However, these points are invalid because, recent research actually shows, that violent video games can increase creativity and give children problem solving skills. Furthermore, studies have also proven that video games help out the modern world and economy. In addition, it should be noted that these games are not the leading causes of school shootouts or criminal activity in teens and therefore, should not be banned from store shelves. The following are but a few reasons why banning these controversial action games is uncalled for and unreasonable.
Violent video games are often a popular “scapegoat” when it comes to explaining violence in teens. Over the past few years, this excuse has been used to “put a name to a face”, even though, most don’t know the truth. Studies state that since video games have been invented, crime in towns and cities has gone down! According to the entertainment software association, “Violent crime, particularly among the young, has decreased dramatically since the early 1990s. During the same period of time, video games have steadily increased in popularity and use, exactly the opposite of what one would expect if there were a causal link.” Many experts say, that now more than ever these violent video games are keeping kids inside and occupied, changing whether some would go out, and cause trouble. What about violence in schools you ask? According to a 2001 U.S. Surgeon General’s report, “The strongest risk factors for school shootings are centred on mental stability and the quality of home life of the accused, not media exposure.” So it was not because of video games, but more likely the ‘offenders parents’ fault for letting or even causing an unhealthy home life. If video games are not causing violence or crime, then what reason do they need to be banned for?
Secondly, if videogames are banned the economy will be in big trouble. Evidence from Statista states, “That in October 2017, the revenue in the United States game incomes amounted to approximately 825 million U.S. dollars. The economy benefits from this large sum in several ways. When a video game is bought, a state tax is put on it. This tax goes to the state or federal government and helps quality of schools and other town/federal expenses. Continuing on, video games also create more jobs. Think about it, you need the people who make the games, and all the people in a studio. Then add the numerous marketers, and the consumers. Not including stocks and vast advertisements. Now this creates a lot of jobs, raises poverty lines and helps the economy in one swoop. Lastly, did you know that video games don’t just help the economy they help sick. In accordance to TechPowerUp, hospitals have been adding video games to their rooms because games have been proven to decrease pain. Studies show that children feel one fourth of pain when they are playing games. The brain focuses on the game instead of pain.

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