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Psychology in my life
Arya Pawar
December 2, 2018
Psychology consist of many topics that can shape a person’s careers and develop the skills needed to maintain a strong attitude for their career. For my future career being Forensic science, I would like to use some of these concepts to be able to strengthen my career ability. Some of the strengths attributes are identifying evidence needed to find the suspect as quickly as possible. The concepts I choose to structure my career choice are Critical thinking as a result for problem solving, Retrieval memory cues, Basic research and applied research, and correlation coefficient. Each of these concepts have an important part to play so I can fulfill my career.
Forensic Science consist of investigating crime scenes to be able to determine what is used as evidence and what is not. Forensic scientists need to use critical thinking such as problem solving and decision making to identify the evidence. As explained in the eBook “That problem solving proceeds from an initial state to a goal state” (Macmillan, n.d., p289). For example, Forensic Scientist have the job to look at the initial crime and identify what was used to attack the victim. However, this job is a lot more complicated because sometimes the suspect can use other methods to mask the attack. Forensic scientist must look at the scene of the crime with a different mindset to be fully aware what capabilities these criminals have. That’s why using critical thinking is a huge aspect because thinking out side of the box can help establishing a greater understanding of the crime scene. Some problem-solving criteria that can be used are algorithms, heuristics, insight. For the most part heuristics is the most efficient for Forensic scientist because it uses means-ends analysis. This refers to breaking down your problem to smaller problems and being able to solve them one by one. For example, a woman is stabbed, and we cannot identify the weapon used. Slowly breakdown the types of object that can fit the description of the stab wound that will give the most accurate object. These are complex ideas that can be used for the critical thinking process.

Forensic scientists use a lot of research to identify evidence this is one of the most affective system. In the eBook it describes research basics as to finding “to provide empirical evidence or data from systematic observation” (Macmillan, n.d., p19). However, Forensic scientists use the scientific method in various ways coming up with a hypothesis to be able to identify the evidence. Using these research methods is a huge part for forensic scientists because they predict what type of evidence is needed to capture the perpetrator. One of the main points in the scientific method used is collecting date which is a result in identifying the types of evidence that is needed. This may be the strongest concept used in my career because it gives me the ability to question, predict and collect data to identify the perpetrator.
Forensic scientists use different methods to help victims to identify the perpetrator. Using retrieval and forgetting cues can help them remember what they look like and what they drove any identifying them. In a study by department of psychology of University of Gothenburg, Sweden they show using a retrieval method of odor to provide for rape crimes. In the study it says if the victim is under memory retrieval and is exposed to vanilla smells they have a higher accuracy to obtain a higher accuracy rate of identifying the perpetrator (Magnusson, 2017). In this case study it shows that there are many ways to obtain memory by accessing different smells. This could be a huge impactful way to furthermore my career because I can help solve the case by factoring this type of research into my ways and have the victim proceed to give us more information about the perpetrator. This would be an all-around accomplishment because I’m using an memory cue and my critical thinking to provide these types of ways to accomplish my career and solve cases.
The final concept that can help my career is correlation coefficient, which defines a quantitative measure of the association between two variables. This is easily sought out through forensic science because you need to identify the association between the suspect and weapon or victim. In the article it shows a way to identify the correlation coefficient variable by identifying the garlic cloves and putting the environmental factor to the preview (R., 2018). This shows that any factor of a forensic scientist may be part to correlation coefficient which can be determine by using different aspect to identify the suspect and the weapon used. This ties both of the aspects that if you can find a correlation between the weapon and the suspect that you can identify them for example a correlation can be a fingerprint in the weapon that identifies the suspect then you correlated both the perpetrator and weapon.
Finally, using critical thinking, research, memory retrieval and correlation coefficient can help my career achieve higher aspects. Like explained earlier research gives me the data that can identify evidence that will be needed to obtain the criminal. Critical thinking is used to obtain these ideas to obtain any evidence. Like memory retrieval to obtain forgotten memories or fuzzy memories from victim that helps with the investigation. Correlation coefficient helps to tie the suspect and weapon or victim together and can close out the investigation. These concepts are well thought out to help me achieve greater lengths on my career.
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