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Rock Street, San Francisco

Project Scope Description
As part of ongoing development, Kitchen heaven retail store plans to open 50th store in Colorado Springs targeting the type of customers who watch the food network channel because there is no kitchen heaven retail store in Colorado Springs, but there is huge demand for this store. The new Kitchen heaven retail store will include a new line of ceramic cookware and it could imply different activities like games and surprises, construction of buildings, purchase of land, the purchase of other things like shelves. The official opening of the store is expected to be completed in the space of 06 months.
Project Deliverables
• The opening of the new store will be completed and opened six months from today.
• Furniture purchased for all associate store must be placed on the shelves.
• The lease of the store must be negotiated
• All the products of full range from utensils to gourmet food products will be carried out in the store.
• The grand opening will accompanied by much fanfare because it is the 50th store opening
Project Acceptance Criteria
• The retail store should be built within an area of 1,500 to 2,500 square feet.
• The budget to open a new store should be between $1.5 to $2 million.
• New Kitchen heaven retail store should be fully furnished before its grand opening.
• All the deliverables must be completed within the given time period (06 months) and the cost for successful completion of the project.

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