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project manager is working The application of any general project management methodology requires an appropriate consideration of the corporate and business culture that forms a particular project’s environment This is especially important in an environment where there is a dynamic industry and where flexibility, attention to detail and risk management strategies are crucial components for successful delivery.

The project plan consolidates all the information about the project to date and forms the basis for monitoring and controlling once the project commences implementation

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The purpose of risk management is to ensure levels of risk and uncertainty are properly managed so that the project is successfully completed. It enables those involved to identify possible risks, the manner in which they can be contained and the likely cost of mitigation strategies

One of the key elements of any project proposal is the project budget. It is a pivotal tool that will be used by several different groups involved in the project. The project manager will use a budget to determine whether the project is on track. Project personnel will use it as a guideline to monitor certain project milestones.

The client will use it to determine the success of the effort. Some expenses, such as salaries, fees, wages, rent or equipment costs, may seem pretty straight forward. But there are many contingencies and unknowns that may affect how and when the project is carried out and ultimately completed.

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