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Processed food defines as any of deliberate that changed in the food that is prepared before the availability to use for eating (Weaver, 2014). Not all of the processed food consider as unhealthy food, but some food which consists of large levels of fat, sugar, and salt. The process of food Processing can be made in several ways such as, drying, canning, freezing, and baking. All of processed food changed in some way during the preparation process. There are many types of processed food examples like, cheese, bread, drinks like soft drinks and milk, and convenience food which is the food that is prepared by using the microwave (Weaver, 2014).

processed food became so popular that people can’t live without it for many different reasons. Most of the processed food is more convenient, when the customer buys the food for convenience then they can realize that processed food is good for them and for their lifestyle. There are many simpler foods which people didn’t recognize that it’s processed. For example, the peanut butter, and it will be better if we didn’t add any of Tran’s fats. The processed food is manufactured in a way that motivates and encourages all customers to buy it. Moreover, according to food science mention that most of the processed food is manufactured by-products that are globally standardized. That’s why processed food is popular globally because the factories used same similar resources and products that let people feel fulfilled while they eat it due to the additional products that is added while the preparation process (Friel, 2013). All processed food is heated, baked, cooked, salted, frozen, canned, or they packed it in order to change the nutritional composition. Once the factories change the nutritional composition, it will directly be called processed food. most of the food that people eat is processed food, and it mostly contains more sugar, salt, and fat in order to make the food flavor more appealing or to help to provide it more longevity which that lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and diabetes due to the large amount of fat, sugar, and salt (Mateen Anwar, 2017). Processed food is well known on the grounds that you can discover them anyplace! In a few spots, you need to venture out extremely far to discover sort or unprocessed food. This can take a considerable measure of time and probably won’t fit into everybody’s bustling timetables. People now used to eat processed food due to their busy time, and they see that processed food is faster to cook and eat rather than the unprocessed food, that’s one of the biggest reasons why processed food is popular. Moreover, processed food is always cheaper than unprocessed food, people will prefer to buy a meal that have cheese and vegetables which is called processed food rather than buy each one separately which is called unprocessed food. (Mateen Anwar, 2017).

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Due to processed food, there are many issues which has increased in the world especially in the Gulf countries such as obesity and heart attack. The prevalence of obesity is the highest in the world. according to a study by the world health organization (WHO), mentioned that the rates of the obesity especially adults which are more than 37% in the United Arab Emirates, 40% in Kuwait, and more than 42% in Qatar. About the diseases, which are prevalence more among women than men, and the rates for teenagers and adults who have a high increase in overweight and obesity problems, all of these could happen due to processed food. People should balance between what they eat, they should not be based on processed food, even if they don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy or unprocessed food. According to the data that are mentioned above, that the UAE has a large rate that suffer from obesity and overweight, especially for adults and teenagers. Moreover, it was mentioned that there are high increases in their disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) due to obesity. (Kluwer, 2018). Based on the world health organization displayed that prevalence on obesity in the UAE which has increased from 9.3% in 1975 to a higher rate which is 27.5 in 2016. This increase has shown that processed food and unhealthy food also increased among people. Also, mentioned that in 2016 there were more than 1.9 billion adults and 41 million children that are below the age of 5 are suffering from obese or overweight (Kluwer, 2018). Because of processed and unhealthy food, third of the United Arab Emirates population suffer from obesity. In 2015, the Abu Dhabi Health Department illustrate that 15% of emirates children suffer from obese and 17% were overweight. These percentages are a similar picture for all the GCC countries (Kluwer, 2018). Comparing to other countries, Saudi Arabia is affected by 35.7% from processed food and 49.1% in Kuwait. Comparing to another disease such as diabetes in UAE the percentage was 24% while for the expatriates was 17.4%, which is a large percentage from people who suffer diabetes due to processed food (Kluwer, 2018). According to a study by a health organization on children in UAE, mentioned that about 78% of children may have heart diseases due to their dependence on processed food. These results may be generalized especially between children who are from 13-15 years old. (Kluwer, 2018).

In conclusion, processed food is one of the danger foods that lead to a lot of diseases such as obesity, heart attacks, and diabetes. Processed food is so popular because it’s available in all shops and supermarkets, and it’s containing a large amount of sugar, fats, and as well as, most people they depend on processed food because they don’t have enough time for cooking healthy food due to their busy times. But that’s not a reason to fully depend processed food, as i have mentioned that it lead to an increase in the prevalence of obesity and many different kind of dangerous diseases among the GCC countries.

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