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Procedure for storage of medication:
Medication will be locked away safely in a cupboard out of reach of children in the kitchen.
The cupboard will have a lock on, the keys to that lock will always be kept safe on a key hook up high out of reach of children in the kitchen.

There will be individual storage in the cupboard for each child for their medication if needed.
CD drugs (controlled drugs) must be kept individual from any prescribed or non-prescribed medication.

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Any medication that needs to be kept cold will have a separate compartment in the fridge away from any food products clearly labelled. The fridge will have a sufficient child lock for extra precaution.
Procedure for administration of medication:
Before any medication is administrated to any child the label of the medication will be checked to ensure it is being given to the correct child.

dosage instructions on the label will be read and if ever I am unsure I will contact the parents or child’s GP.

ensure the correct dosage is measured and given.
For every medication administered to a child a form must be filled out this form will have all the correct information on:
Date prescribed by GP
Expiry date
Name and address of child
Name and address of doctors
Name of medication
What dosage to administer child
Date medication was administered to child in my care
Time medication was administered to a child in my care
If a child took the medication or not.

Signature of the person administration the medication and name.

A child will never be forced into taking medication. If a child for whatever reason declines to take his or her medication it will be documented and signed.

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