People are so busy with keeping up with the speed of their lives and lives of those around them

People are so busy with keeping up with the speed of their lives and lives of those around them, that they are unconsciously neglect coming to terms with themselves first. As years passed by and the vision for creating an identity is not on the list of things to do. One day something happens- an unexpected event or experience and the realization there is no self-discovery in progress. It is never too late to find out who you are, and the sole purpose of the path to self-discovery aids in searching deep into one’s self to find joy, meaning, and fulfillment. This is where everyone uncovers their true beauty, seeing life from a different perspective and making that will likely lead to personal happiness.
The journey to self-discovery is not always an easy path but it gives the individual a chance to find a purpose and acknowledge our true existence. For example, Jean-Michel Basquiat son of an immigrant Haitian father and Puerto Rican mother never anticipated that one day his work would be viewed internationally. Basquiat was a young black male, used to the ghettos of New York, rarely had support in his passions from loved ones, and somehow rose to great success and fame by his self. It is understandable to see why he always questioned who he was and what defined him. His artwork explores the morality, race, self-discovery, and religion. A common theme that is of interest is the idea of findings one’s self and defining individual values while breaking social conventions. As it is understood that we have all have some faults within us all, but, the choice to let those negative qualities define us or if we strive to be decent people is our decision.
Whether or not individuals choose to let their non-admirable traits be viewed by others or whether choose to mask the parts of ourselves we know aren’t the best. Jean-Michel Basquiat discovered what he really loves is how creative he felt when he developed an art piece and the freedom of expression. This is where he became an artist by heart and shared with the world the dilemmas faced by society such as narcissism, jealousy, exploitation and insecurities concealed by many. Being under tremendous personal stress, constantly in the public eye, and having an international reputation for being a prominent artist lead him to develop a heroin dependency. However, his drug use ceased when became friends and co-workers with pop artist Andy Warhol and continued to create his master art pieces.
By setting an intention to discover who you are. Individuals can begin a journey that transforms life into something deeper and full of meaning, purpose, and joy ever imagined possible. The key is to approach self-discovery exploration with patience and willingness to be surprised. Basquiat’s impulse to care for something and to feel enormous pleasure made him identify what he really loves, what brought him joy, incorporating love and joy in his life regardless of the disapprovals and status in society and anticipation to share his love for art with others. For Basquiat dream was to be a real artist and confronted his emotions and pain, feeling it and healing it. Through this clarity arose and growth into highest self.
The idea of embracing the path of self-discovery can be overwhelming and chaotic. However, this is the time to celebrate true existence, surrendering to the path of self-discovery to find ultimate achievement, fulfillment, joy, and life success.


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