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Penicillin is one of the most earliest and first discovered antibiotic agents used widely today. In 1928, Alexander Fleming, a bacteriologist, discovered the medicine Penicillin. He discovered it while working in a hospital, a plate culture of Staphylococcus had contaminated a blue/green mold and bacteria was dissolving in it. He started to experiment and learn on his discovery. A year later, he published his results hoping there could be purpose to Penicillin. Throughout history, Penicillin was used during war and changed the course of medicine and fights off infections.
During World War II, Penicillin became greatly essential in amputations and in the lowering of deaths. During the years of wartime in 1939-1945, this medicine was used all through the war. The medicine was transported to war areas and battlefields to be able to treat wounded soldiers. “In the Allied Forces, the average wait time was nearly 14 hours. The longer the wait, the higher the probability that the infected area would need amputation. Administering penicillin to the wounded vastly reduced the chance that the wound could get infected and increased the survival chances in the interim time between the wounding and surgery.” (Bradley). Without the invention of Penicillin, soldiers would have to wait a long time to be treated, leading to a chance of the infection spreading even more and causing a chance of death.
Penicillin is the miracle drug that has changed the entire course of medicine. In the 20th century, Penicillin made a positive and huge effect. The first patient was cured of Streptococcal Septicemia in 1942. Considering this was a new medical drug, the price of it was high and there was not a large supply since it was fairly new. The invention of the antibiotic has played a part in the way in which the human race has adapted and evolved. Even though certain bacterias in the body can become resistant to the Penicillin, it opened up new doors in ways to create a stronger version of the medication. It has lead to new medical discoveries and has expanded our knowledge in medicines.
Penicillin is known for fighting off infections. Like any other antibiotics today, Penicillin is a medical agent that kills bacteria in the body. It is used to kill the bad bacteria in the body that is causing the infection. Once it kills the bad bacteria it leaves the normal and helpful bacteria that is essential. It has saved people’s lives over the course of history.
In conclusion, Penicillin has affected the lives of many and changed the way everyone lives today. Many Penicillin-related medicines are distributed to people around the world to help with infections. It was also a huge medical breakthrough during the 20’s, when it was discovered. Many hospitals and medical facilities today depend on the drug. If it was not for Fleming discovering this, many people would have died and the way we live today would be completely different.

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