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3.1 Shareholders Review
Table 1 :Substantial Shareholders in Astro Holdings Berhad
Name Direct Indirect
No. of shares % No. of shares %
Pantai Cahaya Bulan Ventures Sdn Bhd 1,077,735,927 20.69 Khazanah Nasional Berhad 1,077,735,927 20.69
All Asia Media Equities 1,013,297,290 19.45 Usaha Tegas Entertainment System Sdn Bhd 235,778,182 4.53 1,013,297,290 19.45
Usaha tegas Sdn Bhd 1,249,075,472 23.98
Pacific States Investment 1,249,075,472 23.98
Excorp Holdings N.V 1,249,075,472 23.98
PanOcean Management Limited 1,249,075,472 23.98
East Asia Broadcast Network system N.V 421,939,707 8.10 East Asia Broadcast System Holdings N.V 421,939,707 8.10
Tucson N.V 421,939,707 8.10
Ananda Krishnan Tatparanandam 2,133,139,626 40.95
Harapan Terus Sdn Bhd 462,124,447 8.87
Dato’ Haji Badri Bin Haji Masri 462,124,447 8.87
Tun haji Mohammad Hanif Bin Omar 462,124,447 8.87
Mohammad Shahrin Bin Merican 200,000 0.00 462,124,447 8.87
Employees Provident Fund Board 331,560,100 6.36 Sources: HYPERLINK ""
Astro Holdings Berhad performance increase from year by year, it is because company gain profit RM 5.6 billion for the financial year 2017. This is shows that many individuals, bank or finance companies, nominees and other type of companies are interested to join company as a shareholders. In Astro company, there are 30 list largest shareholders, and become shareholders Astro since 2013 until now.

Substantial shareholders in Astro Holding Berhad divided into two, which is direct and indirect shareholders. Based on Table 1of substantial shareholders in Astro Holdings Berhad, Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan is the one who has the largest number of shares with total amount 2,133,139,626 in this company with 40.95% of equities and one of the indirect shareholders.
Second largest shareholders with number of shares 1,249,075,472 in Astro Holdings Berhad with 23.98 percent is from various company which is from company Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd, Pacific States Investment, Excorp Holdings N.V and PanOcean Management Limited company and all the companies become indirect shareholders in Astro Holding Berhad.

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The others substantial shareholders, either individuals or companies contribute about 20 until 6 percent of equities towards Astro Holding Berhad. Every year the company will pleased their shareholders with gives quarterly dividend and increase in payout from the previous year.

3.2 Market Ratios Performance.

Ratio Formula Firm Ratio Individual Ratio Indicator
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Earning Per Share 60960167005= Net Income
Shares outstanding 0.222 0.086 0.100 0.118 0.120 Acceptable
Dividend Per Share 41910335915= Annual dividend
Number of share 0.04 0.09 0.11 0.125 0.125 Acceptable
Net Tangible Asset
35560327025= Net Tangible Assets
Number of Shares on Issue 0.100 0.119 0.137 0.118 0.121 Acceptable
Dividend Yield: 8.87
Price Earning Ratio: 9.54
Net Tangible Ratio: 0.125
*Total dividend amount declared for financial year ended 31 Jan 2018
Overall performance?
-Overall performance within five years for market ratio in this company is satisfactory despite slightly lower in the year 2013, but all the ratio are acceptable. Since the ratio of the firm has increased from year 2014 until 2017. Eventhough on 2013 has lower ratio, the company still can improve their market ratio and gain more profit to distribute to its shareholders
Market ratio risk?
– The shareholders might facing difficulties on financial risk.because if company unable to gain more profit, the shareholders will lose their money when they invest in the company .

How to overcome?
– The company should increase their market ratio performance and enhancing their profitability to attract more investor and gain more profit to gives out to its shareholders based on their number of shares.

3.3 Dividend Payments Review
Briefly Explain.

Dividend payment is reward for all shareholders that invest number of share with different percent of equities in the company. Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad paid dividend on a quarterly basis for every year for their shareholders.

Date Financial Year Ex Date Entitlement Date Payment Date Entitlement Type Dividend (Cent) Dividend (%)
07 May 2018 31 Jan 2018 21 Jun 2018 25 Jun 2018 06 Jul 2018 Final Dividend 0.5000 0.00
16 May 2017 31 Jan 2017 30 Jun 2017 04 Jul 2017 14 Jul 2017 Final Dividend 0.5000 0.00
29 Apr 2016 31 Jan 2016 14 Jun 2016 16 Jun 2016 30 Jun 2016 Final Dividend 1.0000 0.00
18 May 2015 31 Jan 2015 30 Jun 2015 02 Jul 2015 16 Jul 2015 Final Dividend 2.0000 0.00
20 May 2014 31 Jan 2014 02 Jul 2015 04 Jul 2015 18 Jul 2015 Final Dividend 1.0000 0.00
10 Jun 2013 31 Jan 2013 16 Jul 2013 18 Jul 2013 02Aug 2013 Final Dividend 1.0000 0.00
As shown on table 2, Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad’s dividend history for the financial year from year 2013 until 2018.This table shown the dividend payment by company for within 5 years. In 2018, Astro declared that a total dividend per share is 0.125 cent. For the year ended 31 Jan 2018, company paid final single-tier dividend with RM0.005 per share estimated at RM26,069,418. For the financial year ended 31 January 2017, Astro paid RM 0.005 in final single-tier dividend same with in year 2018. In 31 Jan 2016, Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad paid RM 0.01 in final single-tier dividend and per share estimated at RM 52,050,156. For year ended 31 Jan 2015, Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad paid final single-tier dividend RM0.02 per share estimated at RM104,034,568. Meanwhile, in 31 Jan 2014 Astro declared that the company paid final single-tier dividend RM0.01 per share and estimated at RM51,983,000 for final dividend. For the financial year in 31 Jan 2013, Astro paid final single-tier dividend RM0.01 per share and estimated at RM51,983,00.

Table 2: ASTRO Malaysia Holdings Berhad’s Dividend History
Source s: HYPERLINK ""
3.4 Stock Returns Review
Briefly explain?
Based on figure 1, Astro Holding Berhad’s share price movement decrease from year 2013 until year 2017. Share return or also known as stock price is difficult to expect and forecast in the future. In year 2013, share price movement starting price with RM 3.03 for Astro Holdings Berhad price.For financial year 2014, the share price movement slightly higher than 2013 with price RM 3.07.Meanwhile for year 2015 and 2016 share price movement slightly lower than previous year with price RM 2.66 and RM 2.60 respectively. In year 2017, Astro Holdings Berhad share price movement changed with price RM 2.65 which is slightly higher than previous year.

Figure 1 : Astro Holdings Berhad’s Share Price Movement ( 2013-2017)
Sources: HYPERLINK ""


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