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Palawan was the best place to have your relaxation. It is one of the best tourist destination.
The surrounding of the city is clean, where you can have a breath of fresh air and amaze by the beautiful scenery of nature that guaranties satisfaction on your vacation.
Upon arrival at the airport, there’s a van waiting that serves as our ride from the hotel where we will stay. We stayed at the hotel where there is nearby mall that makes it convenient for us.
Since it’s our first time to visit the place, the first thing we do is roam in the city,
We asked the locals of Puerto Princesa for directions so that we won’t get lost.
The locals are approachable, they also gives information about other interesting places to visit in Palawan, like the Underground River, where different formation of limestone can be seen.
We went to Pueto Princesa baywalk, where the seawater is clean and has nice view for picture taking. Most tourist visit the place to stroll along the seaside, have a picnic at the park, ride a bike,or just take a sit and enjoy the aesthetic view of sunset. After we took pictures, we visited the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral.
On our second day, we took the island hopping tour at Honda Bay, where you can explore different attractions of the islands, the first island that we visited was Isla Pandan, it has clear seawater, you can actually see the fishes swim everywhere, and if you want them to stay at your sight all you have to do is feed them with a piece of bread.
The seawater is just right for the hot weather, feeling refreshed as we enjoyed swimming and taking pictures at the beach. Snorkeling is a must try experience to see different kinds of fish.
We also had our lunch in the island, they served us a variety of dishes, a complete meal, there is vegetables, pork, chicken, seafood and fruits. After we ate, we took a rest and get ready for the next island.
“LuLi” stands for (Lulubog, Lilitaw) according to our tour guide, an island where if it’s high tide, you will only see the villa, boats, trees and mangroves, but when its low tide, you’ll be surprised by the view of sandbars that appear.
It also has clear seawater, but there’s part of the beach that is allowed for everyone to swim. Riding the banana boat is a fun activity you can do at LuLi.
On the third day of our tour, we went to Narra, Palawan. We took a van on our way to Estrella River Falls, an eco-park area, monkeys are everywhere, their just hiding behind the trees, before entering the park there’s a warning for the tourist not to leave their things unattended because the monkeys might get it. Inside the park there’s a waterfall, not that high but it’s forest scenery will relax your mind. The water is cold and clear, the scenery is refreshing to the eye.
Palawan is a highly recommended place to have your vacation, where you can relax and enjoy whitesand beaches and appreciate the natural beauty of nature.
A week is not enough to enjoy a vacation in Palawan because there’s so much to explore in this place.

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