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Out in the world, women personify or embody all sorts of labels and characters. But on TV, they are still more likely limited to “wife” and “mother.” One of the show that contributes to gender stereotype is “Big Bang Theory.” The shows main ‘male’ characters Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard are a group of scientists and the ‘female’ characters Penny and Bernadette are struggling waitresses. The show bases itself on stereotypes. The scientists are a bunch of nerds who read comic books and watch films to stay relevant in the society, while the women are hot and slim helpless blondes. Penny is the best example of the show objectifying women. She is the one with with a hot body and is always helpless, thus winds up at the guys apartment for help everytime. However one show that changed gender stereotyping towards women is “Sex And The City.” The show allowed women to have a voice to talk about their friendships and relationships openly. It gave importance to female friendships and gave respectability to something that was previously considered just gossip. It enabled people to see that sharing your relationships and your sexual life with your friends is just not gossip. It show four independent women working in New York city, which is why the show is not popular among a male audience..The image shows four “white”, young and beautiful women enjoying their dinner and engaging in talk, there is no man on the table or near them. The role of men in the show is limited to the lead women’s significant others, which tries to break the gender stereotypes in the society. The show also promotes the idea that you have to be thin, white and beautiful to be successful. Such portrayal of characters can also create a negative effect on children’s mind and further their behaviour. Shows such as “Johnny Bravo” is the epitome of gender stereotypes on television and it directly impacts young minds. The image shows Johnny flirting with a women even though she is not interested in talking to him. Johnny Bravo is a tall, handsome, blonde, white male who has a rowdy behaviour and is full of himself. The girls are always shown having big breasts and butts, which really objectifies women and says that ‘this is what an ideal women looks like.’ The show is catered to a young audience, who is very impactful and will learn anything and everything they see. It portrays women to be dumb and beautiful and promotes the idea that being so will attract boys. On the other hand, shows like “Kim Possible” shows stereotyping but completely defies it as well. The shows main character “Kim” has a typical teenage girl’s body and is a cheerleader by day but she is completely the opposite at night – she is a crime stopper. The picture shows that even though she may fit the characteristics of a female gender as seen ideal in the society, she is a crime stopper by night – which is a male’s job.

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