One of the popular models used in Health and Social care is Taylor and Devine 1993 basic helping cycle consists of four different stages

One of the popular models used in Health and Social care is Taylor and Devine 1993 basic helping cycle consists of four different stages: Assess, Plan, implement and review this model to me is simple, straight forward to use and would be good to use as a starting point for any new learner.
The professional and service user work together to assess their needs. The care needs are planned, put into place, then at the third stage put into action, then evaluated and reviewed to start the whole cycle over again.
Assessments are seen to be a range of activities that have specific forms , different forms of assessments can be Resource-lead assessment, Needs assessment, Self-assessment, Single assessment, Risk assessment, should reflect the match between need and availability of resources that takes into account an evaluation of the risks posed and the urgency of the situation.
Whittington (2007) identifies five purposes to assessment. One Is to protect the individual and the public. Two is to identify service users / carer needs. Three is to represent or advocate for the service user / carer. Four is to act on an agency’s policy or priorities. Five is to inform other agency’s or professionals. I feel that the benefit of this assessment would be used to prolong or improve one’s independence.
The information I receive should have a Positive effect, as requested to do so in line with the Care Act 2014, SCIE – social care institute for excellence has developed different resources for the practitioners to carry out the assessment which includes Process map, Supported self-assessment, strengths-based approaches, proportionate assessment, fluctuating needs and Eligibility guide.

The self -care deficit nursing theory was developed by Dorothea Orem the theory is also known as the Orem’s Model in Nursing. This model is used in Nursing Literature, acknowledged in rehabilitation and primary care settings, the theory being based on humans being able to adapt to
one’s environment, where the individual is encouraged to be as independent as possible.
There are three related parts of omens theory of Nursing : self-care , selfcare deficit and Nursing system.
The positive outcome in the collection of information for the assessment process should be relevant to the individual’s needs, the negativity of not collecting the appropriate information, will in my eyes result in the service user not receiving the care they require.
The pro and cons of using assessments methods to education the staff is top of the list for me as if the carers don’t receive the knowledge/training things could result in not only a risk to themselves but the service users, the fatality could be detrimental on the hole. I.e. not having training or the knowledge on moving and handling or the correct way to use the equipment in the work place.

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In my eyes the benefits of assessments to track training for me is a positive way forward I aim to educate my staff to the best possible standards in Health and social care whilst ensure the service users we work with are safeguarded. SCIE has developed a guide to the new safeguarding duties for the local authorities under the Care Act.
Whilst some people adapt to one way one working/learning others may not, for instance some people may learn better one to one, others learn better in groups. People may learn by reading books others may learn by watching DVDs. There’s lots of ways to teach the individual to do the job, using different assessments, the necessary skills, given the experience, knowledge they will become a competent person. Promoting and continuing training is a must for a business to succeed. To enhance the learner’s knowledge, we could use the assessment for learning the procedure is guiding instruction improving learning, to monitor their own progress like setting goals and measuring learning. Using this format will help the individual to identify their strengths and weaknesses and targets to work towards.

With Presious supporting service users in the community in their own environment we work closely them to support their needs we support them with advice best to are ability.
The positive impact on the financial side for the family and the service user is that they could receive financial support and be assistance though state benefits.
Here are some more Positive impacts of assessment:
Practical could be how adapt their living environment and receiving the information they require to make changes/upgrade. Physical is being reassured that you qualify for services to receive assistance.
Psychological is the reassurance of knowing what is responsible for a health and social condition.
The negative impacts of assessment:
Financial could be having to pay out for expensive equipment or loss of income due to being unable to uphold employment.
Psychological having guilt and fears about being a burden on others.
Physical needing assistance with mobility.
Practical the adaptations make to the home environment making it less homely and more like a care setting .


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