Nowadays, there is a strong concern about environmental activities and how it is affecting the planet. The approach of different methods to fight against pollution is a current conversation in daily life to make the planet a better and healthy place to live. Solar and wind energy are becoming popular in some countries to try to alleviate the impact of the human footprint on the earth. However, people have to see what kind of system is better in their location because solar and wind energy work differently. Solar energy and wind energy are two eco-friendly systems to generate electricity that allow people to have more than one option when choosing their preferred system, and both alternative energy sources have advantages and disadvantages that fit better with the people necessities depending on their liking.
Solar and wind energy have a couple of interesting advantages that could be attractive to customers and less harmful to the earth. Solar energy is a source that meanwhile the Sun maintains its existence it will generate all the energy that people needs. It is a cyclic process where not just people are Beneficiating, the earth as well. While oil and fossil fuels have been used on a conventional method of electricity causing a problem for the environment, solar energy does not affect the nature because its systems do not need of those toxic liquids (Conserve energy future,2018). The way that this system works is by solar panels. The solar panels convert sunlight into the electric charge (DC) Direct current to (AC) Alternative current which makes electrify homes (Sparkfun electronics). Due to the powerful sunlight could occur that the system generates more energy that people needs there is when people can reduce their electricity bills because the system saves the energy and act like a reserve that can be useful when necessary.
Wind energy creates energy by the air when it flows through the earth. With a generator called turbines, it creates electricity. When the air past a turbine it rotates converting the wind in energy. The turbines will begin to develop electricity when air speeds achieve approximately 6-9 miles per hour (American Wind Energy Association). Wind turbines do not pollute the air in comparison to power plants, it is a clean source and does not produce gasses emissions (Kohilo Wind turbines).
The disadvantages of these sources are things that experts in this field could work on to improve the use and make it more desirable. Wind energy could be a threat to wildlife because of the space that this source requires to be able to work efficiently. Some species that could be affected by this system of energy are the birds and eagles. Their nature is flying over the sky, and they could collide against the turbines causing their immediate death because of the speed. Solar energy demands too much space, and people are questioning the cosmetic because some of them do not like the way that the solar panels are designed and they are worried about the impact that the design could have on their houses.


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