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NARRATION-What music inspire you?
Music is the art of our mind and language of our soul. Music is the form of our imaginary hallucination that can affect our emotions. It heals, it can create heartache, and sometimes it can be hatred. It5 also considered as one of the medicine of our life Music help us to remove our stress, because it is bringing a peace of mind to us and in our heart. Music is not just only a music but it composed of a lot of types, we have the Rock, POP, Classic, and many other to say. The main purpose of the music is to give entertainment to the audience. And most and for all music is a lifetime and will never be lost in our hearts and minds.
Music is love, music is life. To start this, what is the music that inspire me? Well! The music that inspire me is the song Perfectly Imperfect: Perfectly Imperfect was launched last Oct. 4, 2014 by Viva Records and perform by a Filipina singer Sarah Geronimo.I choose this song, because it inspire me a lot about my self. It tells that

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