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Living together before marriage
In the current world order, where many people meet on social media, many cases are reported of people meeting, getting engaged within weeks and within one month, wedding plans are underway. One of the major reasons for the recent rise in divorce cases is that partners do not take enough time initially to study the other. Prior to marrying, one needs to know their partner’s uncensored characters, they need to have a feel of what married life will be like and there is also to know if they will put up with any hard times that may come in the marriage. Couples should live together before marriage to have time to learn each other as this is essential when signing up a life time with someone.
Couples living together before marriage help them know their partner’s real habits. The objective to this could be learning their characters and get to decide about marriage after that, or get used to the same in preparation to marriage. “One of the main reasons people move in together before marriage is so that they can learn or get used to their partner’s habits” (Calham 1). Spending much time with others makes it hard for them to hide their true characters therefore cohabiting helps learn the partner’s real habits after which one could decide to put up with them or opt out.
Living together before marriage provides the couples with a chance to have a taste of the oncoming period together. When such people live together, they get to do everything a married couple would do. “Cohabitation allows young adults to test their relationship…., which should help determine whether they are compatible before they marry…” (Manning and Cohen 377). This will offer the couple a final chance to decide whether to put up with the ups and downs which are a duplicate of what is to be expected in the real marriage period. When such couple is aware of what they are signing up for, chances of regret and instability in future are limited.
Cohabitation before marriage is a real test of time for any couple. This is because research has shown that it is harder living together before marriage that in marriage and also that period is characterized by financial constraints. “Living together is considered to be more stressful than being married…Cohabiting couples earn less money and are less wealthy than their married peers later in life.” (Stritof 1). When such couple survives the period means they are ready to be together for better or worse in a lifetime.

On the other hand, living does not necessarily be a guaranteed test for marriage life. Living together has been attached to immorality and frustrations. The cohabitating couple could act the entire cohabitation period to gain the trust of their partners. Also, the cohabitation period may not present the couple with a real test of the marriage life as the couple may be young and naive. Together with that, cohabitation may happen when the duo is at the prime of their lives which may fail to test the oncoming marriage survival in hard times.
In summation, couples should live together before marriage to have time to learn each other as this is essential when signing up a lifetime with someone. This is because the period offers them a chance to, know their partner’s uncensored characters, have a feel of what marriage life will be like and also to know if they will put up with any hard times that may come along with marriage. However, all this is not a guaranteed test and assurance for marriage stability.

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