Field Research project
Do not pay attention to what people who have never written any form of notable work talk about or their criticism. It is a word of counseling from this great man to the persons who are just beginning their poetry life. He urges them to give such a criticism a deaf ear because if they pay attention to such critiques, they may never move forward. He goes ahead and lists six classifications of literature. In this research, I will be giving examples of such literary work and then discuss it. I chose to look for articles which are dated 2017 specifically from the quora section in the web. It is a section whereby people give their comments on any controversial issues in the society, current issues, market trends, business, human relations, politics, etc. Here are the examples of writing that I collected and their class.

Example 1
100% in favor, wherever the mother wants it. No exceptions, nobody’s business but hers – not the putative father or anyone else. The mothers. End ( (This article was written in the year 2017, Jan 30).

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Example 2
I don’t think that I could ever have an abortion, but I also don’t believe that my belief should determine what other women can do or are allowed to. I have never gotten pregnant before, so I can’t even imagine what it would be like to find you with an unwanted pregnancy. There are a lot of reasons why women choose to have an abortion. It was written on 24, December 2017.

Example 3
Like to define me as a “Pro-Choice Abortion-Hater.” I consider Abortion to be, at best, an extremely unfortunate circumstance. To me, it is irrelevant when “life” or “the soul” or “whatever” befalls a fetus, transforming it into a human being… regardless if it’s a newly formed blastocyst or an infant during the third trimester, it’s still, at least, a potential human being.

You will never hear me say that we should outlaw abortion, because, to me, it is not the job of the State to legislate or adjudicate morality. (This article was written in the year April 12, 2017)
Synthesis essay for the above examples
As shown by Ezra there are six classes of literature. He named the first category as inventors. He says that these are the persons who came up with the first examples of a given piece of literature. In this topic that I chose we can take the original concept to have come from the Holy books. Looking at for example the Bible it says that you should not kill. It, therefore, means that this is the first-hand information that people received and were expected to follow. When looking at the second class of masters, these are the individuals who try to analyze the content or even the information better and come with more specific details concerning it. In this topic on abortion, I would think that such are the doctors, these people have the calling now from the creator to save the lives of people, and as such they know when someone can die and when they can save their lives. For the expectant mothers, they were able to come up with some types of abortion so that lives can be saved.

Writers of belles letters- these are the individuals who try to criticise the content of the other writers. They do not invent anything, and they do not try to give a complete presentation of the topic. Such example is example number 1; the author is saying that she does not consider abortion anybody’s business but mother’s. Looking at the material, one cannot trace any new insight for the topic of abortion, but you can sense that she has tried to emphasize her point of view. Pond also adds that these individuals are not considered to be great men. Those are the main patterns which can be found in this class.

Starters of crazes are the other class of literature work, and I will use the example 3 where the author says that he is a pro-choice abortion hater. This one depicts that yes he agrees with the inventors and master that abortions should not be allowed but then he does not see the essence of government intervening in the whole matter. He gives the government other duties that he thinks the government should concentrate on handling. The patterns implied here is the lack of seriousness of the author in their point of view. Ezra says that it is until the reader knows the first two classes of writers that he will be in a position to recognize this class. One has to know the stand of Bible and doctors as far as abortion is concerned so that they can realize the class that example 3 lies in.
Looking at the class of diluters first this group of people cannot be able to do the job quite well as the first classes of authors and just as the name suggests, they make the original work look less serious. Look at example 1; the author is trying to dilute the original work by arguing that he is 100% sure that abortion is the business of the mother only. The patterns displayed here is that these writers take the original message, try to make some information from it and then fight against it. They dispute the unique information by the inventors and the masters. They may introduce a new concept so that their point of view will look to be the most relevant one.

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