My Classroom Management Plan Name of Learner

My Classroom Management Plan
Name of Learner: RAY INOJALES POCOTSubjects handled: SCIENCE 8, MAPEH 9
Collaborative Learning Activities
Role Playing/Drama Presentation
Dance/Song/Rap Interpretation
Classroom arrangement is dynamic to give enough space for students to move around; chairs are light enough to support flexible arrangement as required by the activities.  
Resources Needed:
Laptop/Gadgets, speakers/DLP Students can feel comfortable in planning, practice and actual presentations. The students can get overwhelmed with the activities that they might create loud, unnecessary noise that can disrupt the other groups or the other classes.

Before sending the students to their groups, present and explain the rubrics.

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Allow some students to practice outside the classroom but within the eyesight of the teacher to allow some space for the practice.

Feed backing is needed after the activities for them to reflect.

Individual Learning Activities
Writing Activities
Provide space for the students by arranging the chairs orderly, for them to concentrate the given task or activities.

Resources Needed:
Test Questionnaires, paper, ballpenThe appropriate space will allow students to focus on the activities at hand.
The students can get tempted to copy their seatmates’ answers, ask questions or share ideas which can disturb other students.

Before the writing activity, clarify the tasks, provide guide questions and allow the students’ inquiry regarding the activity.

During tests, roam around the classroom to minimize the chances of cheating in the classroom.

Prepared by:Reviewed and Approved by:

Learner’s Name and Signature School Head’s Name and Signature
During the conference with the school principal regarding with my classroom management plan went well. During the consultation, he provided insights and suggested some ways in order to improve my CMP. He also noted that my CMP should be shared to other teachers so that they too can improve their classroom management skills. The school principal emphasized that teaching is not effective if students are not engaged in the class discussion. He also reminded me and the other teachers to observe cleanliness in the classrooms so as to maintain the comfortable ambiance of the classroom. He further stated that with a clean, organized classroom arrangement, the students can absorb knowledge better even they are in the makeshift classroom.
I have to be honest in admitting that this assignment is quite lengthy. The matrix for the CMP is quite difficult because there was no format given. However, it leads me to closely analyze how I manage my class. It made me realize my strengths and weaknesses in terms of classroom management. Sometimes, I over impose discipline in the class especially during group works that they could not communicate effectively with their classmates in my fear that other classes might be disturbed. With the formulation of my CMP, I come to realize that there are ways to make the situation better. With proper planning and an extra effort, my students may communicate better and thus perform better as well.


My 21st Century Classroom Facilitating Skills
Aspects Observations Strengths Areas for Improvement Action Points
Facilitation Style Lesson has been done, it maximize students ability to express ideas and concept The teacher teach the students to attain the main objectives Accommodation of students’ learning style Varied strategies has been used to cater the diverse learners ability The fair treatment of students is emphasize Teacher must encourage the learners to express ideas without hesitation Provision of Learning Environment that is conducive for: Active Learning The students shows interest during the during the class discussion The teacher ask the students about their experiences about the topic Should conduct a survey of drug in school / or related cases Higher Order Thinking The teacher asks questions that lead to think critically / creatively. The art of questioning has been used. Contextual Learning Lesson is contextualized through the use of data of local data in the community about drugs The data presented is from the local community to give impact to the learners Questioning and Reacting Skills Established good rapport to students and HOTS question is used. Feed backing is given after each response


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