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Moving at home
One of the most important thing that someone should do is taking a few minutes of the day doing physical exercise, at least 3 times a week, as well as eating good food. As a result you are healthier and fitter.
I took up physical exercise seriously in 2014 after had left the university. In this year i did it at gym during 2 years, 3 times a week. In February of 2016 due to personal reasons I left the gym and continued it at home.
Doing exercise at home have both sides. If we look on bright side we have privacy without people looking to you. On the other hand we have to be careful because it’s dangerous practising at home without support of personal trainers because of the risks of physical injuries. Moreover it’s difficult maintain the motivation once you are exercising completely alone.
I love doing exercise. When you have the focus on a goal you just keep moving without excuses. You are stronger more than you think. So, if you want healthier let’s eating right and moving yourself.

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