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Motivation is any internal or external process involved in directing and enduring behavior. All of our all-voluptuous responding revelations are the intentions for all our volunteer activities. But one’s motivation can not be directly observed. It has been determined by the behavior of the organism. Motivation is a driving force; It behaves in a person – an instigating situation. The intention leads to the behavioral goal. Therefore, the eternal condition of the organism is actively manipulated by him / her. Motivation consists of the following three factors: (a) physical needs, environmental stimulus, or mentality, that is, (b) the goal of this directed behavior and directed towards the target (A);

We do not directly show. We have disclosed their existence to how they think, how to reach certain targets to monitor people and animals. In other words, the motives are the conclusion. If our experience in the motives is correct, we are powerful enough to explain the behavior. Actually speaking, there are many explanations of our day-to-day behavior. Here’s a simple question: “Why are you going to c
ollege?” The answer is given as “Motivation”. You go to an academic institution where you want to learn something or a good grade if you want to become a good job or a friend. Because you expect to be a student studying in college, one of your goals will be in line with what you expect.
It is true that you often go to college to fulfill some combination of these requirements. Someone who understands your motives to see why you are doing the same way you do. For this reason, clinical and personality psychologists are studying the behavior of individuals who study the behavior of individuals. We do not say exactly what the motions are; Instead, it gives us an idea of what a person does. In other words, it helps us to predict predictions about behavior
It is important to motivate teachers and students. Zealous teachers are motivated to focus on the students. Motivated students for teachers who teach teachers. Teaching is a selfish act. You can not tempt teachers to teach. In Sri Lanka, many teachers are taught free and at least a student, who do not lead to pay and employment. They have been motivated to study creativity in students. They have been motivated to make the students face a smile. They have been motivated to build their profession. They trained them to fight whatever sort of professional life

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But if they get their wages they will be very useful to teachers in Sri Lanka. If I spend an extra amount on teacher training, advanced technical equipment, learning habits, educational creativity, and the creation of a profound learning and teaching environment for students and teachers, I think that the developed country can rapidly improve. Students are trying hard to complete the degree when they appear to be unemployed for graduates. Teachers need to be taught unwittingly that they can not put up with great effort to teach them. Therefore, I think that teachers and students need motivation because of their country’s development. If the country developers are not interested, it will take years to develop.

It is important to take into account the importance of the life of man. Continuous process of human development. There are many barriers in front of people. Some of the obstacles are natural disasters. A society that did not have education and disrupted less practical practical policies and law. For example, it is a barrier to their lives when they are destroyed by floods and droughts. Their efforts and prospects were dead. Now they are unable to restart the desire of farmers to repeat themselves without any self-motivation. The second barrier is the failure to pay bank debt, the lower the price for crops in the market. Every day, we have a lot of obstacles and problems. We do not expect or expect to give up. But when we are motivated by ourselves, our sense of purpose works. Involving the intentions of the seminar, meeting and reading the books, will help us implement our goal, and we will reopen.

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