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Most people remember and liked the movie “The Titanic” .Perhaps this was because the movie was based on a real story. And of course it was a movie that contained dramas, action, adventure and we cannot forget the romance.

Titanic had been branded as the ship of dreams and was also known as being unsinkable. During the film Rose had found several different ways to escape away from her former fiancee to be with Jack but when the titanic suddenly collides with the iceberg and then swiftly sank in the morning, Jack died and rose survived along with about 700 other members that were abroad the ship.Then rose came back 84 years later to recapture the story about her life.

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With knowing that the Titanic was the largest and most luxurious moving object ever built by the hand of man . The writer and director James Cameron tried to recapture the true life of the fabulous ship. Cameron accurately used his ingenious technological experiences towards this film. The soundtrack that was chosen for this film was a true and amazing piece of work. This soundtrack truly highlighted and enhanced every portion of this film.

This movie will always be remembered not only for its memories of this tragedy but for the being known as the one of the best films ever. Titanic eventually won 87 awards and had additional 47 nominations from various award. I would recommend this movie to everyone and hope it gets passed through the next generations to come.

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