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Module 4 Assignment 2

Name: Chaitaliben Patel College ID: C0697976

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Describe in detail the theoretical knowledge and skills applied during your work term using 2 core courses from your program you completed.

During my course, I learned many subjects which are important for me in work term so ultimately all the subjects are worth it in my work term and it is hard to select any two of subjects. As per requirement following are two subjects:

1. CSD 2204-Database Design and SQL:
Throughout this course, I learned basic and advance database queries. Mr. Marcos Bittencourt was an instructor for this course and he gave us all the detail theoretical knowledge of database design and connection. We used SQL server software for database and we had an assignment for the ecommerce shopping application database system which helped me improving my skills in real time project. I have used the knowledge of join, aggregation, nested queries in my work term.

2. MAD 3134-Web Application Development using PHP and MySQL:
In this course, I gained the basic to advance theoretical knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap, JQuery, MySQL, HTML, CSS languages. Mrs. Jigisha Patel was the instructor, she taught all the theoretical and practical knowledge which help in work term. I learned basic JavaScript fundamentals such as how to use variables, make functions, call functions, and pass parameters and different libraries which improve the website UI and UX. I had an assignment of website. In which I created website of Indian Festival and their known places. For that I used PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. That theoretical knowledge helping me in my work term because I am working on website advance version of PHP, HTML5, and CSS3 which are based on basic fundamentals.

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