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Marketing mix

This mix is of course comprised of the 4P’s and they are explained as follows;

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The Products/Services refers to that which the company sells. In this instance, it is selling of Real Estate property coupled with the services that E;M Property Solutions offer. In terms of Pricing, as the products, houses in this instance, are offered online, this makes it easy to compare their prices. For factors that deal with Placement/distribution, due to these being offered over the internet, location does not dictate anymore. Once these products are visible online, they can reach a global market. This allows the clients to be reached and engaged on the channels that they will be using. Lastly on Promotion, again because of the mere fact of using the internet, this will automatically translate into promoting those products. Just by placing houses for sale, rent or value online, this translates into promoting them. To top it up, a promotion that takes place online allows easy targeting, tracking and measuring of activities.

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