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Table of contents

Cover letter ………………………………………………. 2

Executive summary ………………………………………………. 3

Background to the problem ………………………………………………. 4

General specification ………………………………………………. 6



Vortex Cash
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August 20 2018

PO Box 61674
South Africa

Cash-in-Transit Heist Solution Proposal

Dear (Sir/Madam)
Cash in transit heists (C.I.T) have become a serious uprising problem in South Africa with both the economy and the citizens being affected during the process
On behalf of The Vortex-Cash company. I am writing this letter to you after reading your notice in the newspaper for requirement of solutions to the C.I.T heists problem. Our company is a well-known security with a good reputation in transportation and the safe keeping of goods.
Vortex-Cash have been a trusted company to a variety of jewellery companies and private banks around South Africa and hence would come up with a great solution to the risen problem. Waiting for a positive reply from your side.
Yours Truly

Executive summary

The objective

The country is I serious of a solution to the C.I.T heist problem. Robbers seem to have become more intelligent and are able heists more frequently now. The objective is to find a better, effective and efficient way to handle C.I.T heists

The goals

Transporting cash is a daily requirement to keep businesses operational, but it now seems to be a risk nowadays with the level of intelligence criminals have now. Our company’s goals will be to:
? Transport to the required destination safely
? be able to protect workers and citizen should there be a crossfire
? Ensure the money is delivered at whatever cost
? Bring a decrease in C.I.T heists
? and hopefully bring the company’s economy back to stability

The solution

With all this being said, We as the Vortex-Cash company sat down and drafted some Ideas and came up with a couple of solutions which we believe are exactly what is needed to bring a halt I this issue.

Our solutions includes:
? We will change the drill in which the transportation operation takes place,
? Offer vehicles that are modified to withstand intense forces
? Providers workers that have been in extra-ordinary trainings are highly disciplined professionals
? An efficient back-up drill should there be any problems
? We also have highly trained of field workers who have good tracking skills,


Background to the problem

What are cash-in-transit heists?

We all already know C.I.T heists are the robberies of large sums of cash during the course of its transportation, usually done by a group of armed robbers

How are the heists pulled off?

Basically, a gang of armed violent robbers attack the cash vehicles with an intent of stealing all the money inside. The way in which these heists are executed keep changing from time to time. This includes the weaponry used, method of escape, time at which the heist is performed and the number of members in each gang.

Back in the days they used petrol bombs to force the guards to open the doors then attack, there was less violence but nowadays robbers have adopted a more violent approach to how they get the money. They use more force stronger guns and more deadly explosives .upon observations of various cases, we have deduced that most of the attacks happen when the cash is taken in and when it is taken out of the car and some of the incidents happens on the roads during the course of transportation. Not much explosives are used when they hijack during the transfer of money in and out of the cars, they use guns to attack the guard and they can get really violent and aggressive during that time.

Some observed incidents of C.I.T Heists:

-The latest Boksburg attack: on this attack the money vehicle was attacked as it stopped for a red light. Suspects used an explosive to rip open the car and stop it in its tracks. From there multiple shots were fired between guards and robbers for some time, with victims in the way. The time taken for back wasn’t as efficient because the robbers were not caught in sight0. More than one car was used for escaping, this goes to show how well the robbers were prepared. Information gathered from (

– Another heist we observed was the one pulled in Johannesburg, where robbers attacked the security guards just before they could put the cash in the car, they managed to escape with still undisclosed sum of money. Retrieved from ( Two guards were shot during the attacks.

Current statistics of the cash in transit heist

We have seen a drastic increase in the number of C.I.T heist from the year 2014 to this date. 180 heists were recorded in 2014 and it has increased to 320 in 2017 alone. This is a serious 105% increase which is a major probem.140 C.I.T heists have been so far recorded in this year 2018.retrieved from ( This raises a major concern to everyone.

Impact on the country

The citizens: honest people become victims during C.I.T heists some get injured for life while go on to lose their lives because of the attacks which is a painful thing to think about

The economy: the loss of such large sums of money causes a huge collapse in the economy of the country. Businesses loos profit and product costs raise which in turn affects the citizens again. Property is also damaged badly.

General specification

After looking at all these aspects of this problem. We as the vortex company sat down and discussed some solutions to this and we came up with a great step by step solution to this. The steps to be followed where as follows:

The transportation car

The first thing we considered was the strength of the transportation cars. We have therefor came up with a model much stronger and faster. Our van was inspired by the design of the former USA president’s car known as the beast. Our car will a steel plate coating on top and underneath that can withstand an explosive power of high intensity. The car will be made of 3 coated parts which consists of an outer steal and a middle shock absorber to protect the people and the contents inside. Furthermore should there be a big impact on the car the vaults that contain the money will go on automatic backup lock down which can never be opened by any bomb or metal. The car will have cameras in and around it and will be monitored through satellite at all times.

-The drill in which the money is moved

We realised that robbers seem to be very aware of how the money is taken in and out of the trucks, how the security guards stand guard and how they react. Hence we have our own security guards who have been very well trained and thoroughly disciplined. We will add more security guards to transport the money and to be on look out at all times. We have noted the shortest routes to transport the cash to its destination

We also have an efficient back up drill to respond to any attack. A second car will trail the car with the money at all time so they can be the quickest response to any situation

-Our of field workers

Apart from the security guards in field, we also have professionally trained of field workers who will be tracking any suspicious behaviours around the car through satellite and can warn everyone in time should they suspect anything. They have also installed panic buttons on all cars and every security is given one.

-Corruption free movement

All our workers in and of field are highly disciplined and they routinely go through lie detectors which ensure that there is no corruption within the company.

This solution will be the best to stop cash in transit heist because we at vortex cash


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