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Managing Risk is about identifying the risks that present themselves for a particular service user, and putting things in place to reduce these risks and make the situation safer. For example, making sure an individual with limited movement is assisted when getting up. Managing risk is a way of working that supports individuals to exercise choices and rights, whilst recognising the balance between managing and enabling independence and keeping the individual safe.
Prevention is doing everything you can in your role to reduce the likelihood of abuse, and to put things in place that will prevent it from happening. This could involve working together with multidisciplinary teams to ensure the care provided is right for the service user and tailored to meet their specific needs. Carrying out effective risk assessments on an individual service user basis can help to identify any potential areas of risk, and allow the opportunity to put things in place to mitigate these risks. Service providers must have an understanding of what makes certain individuals more vulnerable to becoming victims of abuse and neglect. If they do this, they can be more successful in identifying and intervening in situations that place the individuals at risk, before any incidents occur.
Risk assessment is a term used for the process of determining whether an individual is safe, or likely to be harmed in the near future, as a result of abuse or neglect. Risk assessment should be an ongoing process where risk is continually evaluated as new information is obtained and potential outcomes determined.

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