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Malaysia with a total population of 31.62 million in 2017 (worldometers, 2018) consists of multi-cultural people; Malays, Chinese, Indian, and other indigenous groups such as the Dayaks, Murut, Kadazan Dusun, Orang Asli, Melanau, and others. In Malaysia, there is also groups of mixed ancestry, such as the Eurasians of Portuguese and Baba-Nyonyas (Norhasimah, Tarmiji, & Azizul, 2014; Shahar, 1998). The difference of ethnics present in Malaysia brought different cultural identity.

Nowadays, all over the world there are diminished of valuable CH information and places due to an inappropriate method for management of the CH. For example, there is no centralized system for CH information storing, lack of a proper channel for information sharing, and there is no proper method for CH documentation. According to Patias (2006), the main purpose of documentation and mapping is for protection, identification, archiving, research and preservation of CH, interpretation, conservation works, management, appraisal, assessment of the structural condition, publication (Patias, 2006).

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