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Literature Review
BUSI 2010- Occupational health and safety
Gagandeep Kaur
Lovepreet kaur
Ramandeep Kaur
Sukhpreet Kaur
15 October 2018
Human Factor: – Human factor is the process or the study about human behavior either physical or mental behavior according to their surroundings, environment and the time in which they are present. There are so many large companies which have human factor department so that they can hire particular person. It is factor or behavior of human how he will response on different actions in relation to sensory stimuli etc. (What is a human factor (ergonomics)? – Definition from (n.d.))
Human factor is a factor in which we understand human interaction with relate to workplace system. It is profession in theory, data or design so that we can calculate the human being safety and overall performance.

 The following human factors are common causes of accidents:
Memory lapses
Impaired judgment or reduced reasoning power
Inattention or distraction
Delayed or false sensation of the sensory organs
Lack of competence and experience
Skill level inadequate for the task performed
Personality or attitude, such as negligence, arrogance, or overconfidence
Poor risk perception due to poor knowledge and experience
(What are Human Factors Causing Accidents? – Definition from Safeopedia. (n.d.))Some of the examples for each human factor are as followed: –
Memory lapses: -memory lapses means loss of short term memory or repeating things again and again because of forgetting the words speak by person. Due to these, a person gets distracted from the work he is doing by which lot of accident happen which is unsafe and harmful for the worker as well as for their co-workers also.

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Some of the distracted things are like:-
family problems
medical condition
external activity like exams or wedding
long working hours
Bullying or sexual harassment
(Canadian Centre for Occupational Health. (2018, October 14). Impairment at Work: OSH Answers.)
Impaired judgment or reduced reasoning power: – This means person cannot able to judge the situation so that he can take right track to do his work properly. This is due to less knowledge or when person have more task at one time.

Delayed or false sensation of the sensory organs: – this means that the sense organs cannot able to response or react at same time when action takes place. This is one of main human factor as when there is delay in reaction person get hurt or already person is in difficult situation.

Lack of competence and experience: – the lack of experience makes more risk and is big factor of human to be in accident. As when person do not have proper experience about the work, the person got fail in most of the points by which they can hurt themselves and accidents happen while doing the work.

Personality or attitude, such as negligence, arrogance, or overconfidence: – the personality who is having attitude or is so confident is always harmful for the person on the workplace. Being over confident the person does not care about the hazards which can happen while working by which accident can occur.

Skill level inadequate for the task performed: – sometime the person does not have proper skill to do work by which accident may happen by which worker got hurt. The person should be skilled to do the task properly.

Accidents caused by human factors may be prevented or reduced by implementing the following preventative measures:
Training and awareness
Supervision, monitoring, and controlling
Feedback and reports
Frequent inspections and audits
Skill development
(What are Human Factors Causing Accidents? – Definition from Safeopedia. (n.d.))Importance of human factor in occupational health and safety is as followed: –
So that there should no accident happen while working
Improvement in the workplace with all equipments.

Decrease the errors in the workplace
As it examines the human and system relation by which we can increase the productivity, our job satisfaction, creativity and the final goal of the project.

There will no memory lapses if human factors are properly handled.

From overall view we got to know that there are so many human factors which affect our work directly or indirectly. By researching in all over we can say that the worker should have proper knowledge and proper training of the work he is going to do so that there would be no dangerous to the company workers. Done with the examination of the connection among wellbeing and business and business related elements among more seasoned laborers it is important to make new, longitudinal informational collections containing definite data on specialists’ business narratives and the particular requests of the activity, and in addition target data on the wellbeing and dangers to laborers in the activity. Such informational indexes don’t right now exist since they are expensive to make.


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