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Life is about change. Sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes it is painful. Every human being experiences changes during their lifetime. Those changes can be positive as well negative, but they always reveal the true version of oneself.they are challegenses. A change occurred in my life when I had to leave my country for a new world, the United States of America. I knew that leaving the house where I spent 16 years of my life would not be easy, but my envy to achieve my goals was calling me out. At the very first beginning, I started facing daily challenges, and part of me was telling to give up, but the other one was telling me to resist and remain focus on my goals. As months went on, I became familiar to the environment and culture, I realized that I was on the right track, and I learned that life does not get better by chance.
July 3, 2017 was the day of my flight from Conakry to Philadelphia. It was the moment that drastically changed my life as well as my family’s life. My parents always warned me that it would never be easy to live without them, and yet it is true. I remember my father’s words ” Do not wait on someone’s help, but never refuse someone’s help. Be respectful and useful to whoever you are going to live with”. Back in elementary school, I used to be the top of my class and get my work done without being told. Since I was a kid, I wanted to pursue my dreams and live the grandest vision of my life. Thus, it developed a level of confidence between my parents and me.

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