Karechio (1996) asserts that low performance in class may lead to misuse of drugs such as Marijuana which is believed to improve understanding and insight.
Social occasions account for 35.4% of the reasons for taking alcohol. It mainly affects alcohol drinkers. It is argued that this is due to esteem that most societies associate with taking alcohol at party time. Social occasions also explain reasons for taking other drugs and substances that are abused at a lower magnitude especially among the youth. This is seen during weddings, parties and sessions where most youth indulge in the use of drugs and alcohol. Some are likely to experiment for the first time and later become addicts while trying to fit in with their peers or boost their social esteems.
Influence of Parental Sources of Income on Prevalence of Drug and Substance Abuse among Students
Children from homes whose parents take drugs tend to imitate the behaviour of their parents by taking illegal drugs. Parental drug behaviour, parental attitude about drugs and substances and various aspects of parent child interaction best predict imitation into drug and substance abuse. The availability of cash to students as pocket money and travel allowances especially if it is given in excess can be redirected to purchasing of drugs (Kingala, 2000). Parents can serve a protective faction when there is a strong bond between children and their families, parental involvement in a child’s life, supportive parenting which meets financial, emotional, and clear limits and consistent enforcement of discipline.
Children from poor families have access to chief drugs like liquor therefore making them vulnerable. Divorce or change of economic status from high to low is also likely to affect negatively on children especially the adolescents. This is the period they experience a lot of vulnerability for problem actions leading to liquor because they find comfort in it. Children’s feelings in issues of divorces and separation are hardly taken into consideration because they are just perceived as children who do not know anything while the truth of the matter is that they have feelings and their environment drives them to take hasty decisions they take in life.
Effects of Drug and Substance Abuse on Individuals
Drug and substance abuse is associated with very many problems which include health related problems, violence, truancy, family break ups. Alcohol abuse is associated with poor health, reduced productivity, violence, spread of STD’s and 23 HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, road accidents, child abuse and neglect among other vices (Munyoki, 2008).


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