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John Vincent Atanasoff “The Father of Computer”

John Vincent Atanasoff is well known for his contribution in the computer field.
He invented the first electronic digital computer known as the Atanasoff Berry Computer (ABC). He was born on October 4, 1903. He comes from an immigrant family. His father migrated from Bulgaria. It is mentioned in JVA biography that, “Throughout the developmental years, JVA exhibited the characteristics of an inventive personality and was encouraged by his mother and father to exercise his wide interests in subjects like electrical circuit, working on farm machinery.” It is also mentioned that with the help of his mother, he was later able to make calculations using a variety of bases, including base -2 and is known as binary math. JVA accepted the job offer from Iowa State College as a teaching fellowship because it was the first one he received and the institution had a good reputation in engineering and sciences. JVA married Lura after he received his master’s degree in mathematics. The couple together have three children as mentioned in JVA biography.

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“JVA with his researches and with the collaboration with Glen Murphy, created a small analog calculator named Laplaciometer,” as mentioned in JVA biography. It is mentioned in, “John Vincent Atanasoff The father of the computer”, that “with the help of one of his students Clifford E. Berry, in Iowa State College, during the 1940s, he created the ABC computer, the first electronic digital computer. It is mentioned in the John Vincent Atanasoff, that “John Vincent Atanasoff was a genius with a vision to define the future and his invention has given birth to the field of electronic computing and gave birth to the era of computers.” It is also mentioned in, “John Vincent Atanasoff,” that “he did not get the credit for the building the first digital computers because Dr. Mauchly had used many of John Vincent’s ideas on the ABC computer to design ENIAC.” “Along with the inventions of the computers, John Vincent has also worked on finding the method and apparatus for sweeping undermines, method for cutting fusible fabrics, Cathode ray tube, electronic chassis, sorting system for post office or parcel business,” as mentioned in JVA.

I think that his inventions are very important for the advancement in the computer. I think that his inventions of the digital computer have led the way to other researchers and developers that there is possibility to do the complex calculation with the help of the computers. Computers are very important part in this generation. Every organization, institutions, schools are switching to the use of computers. The computers have made the day to day life very convenient for the people. It has led to the serious developments in the field of technology. The advancement in computer has given the ability to be able to make equipment’s like spacecraft. The data captured are being sent to the researchers and being decoded with the help of computers. This has also helped us to understand the outer space. I think that the invention of computers have made the life of the people very convenient. Considering the organizations, all the data of the customers are being input in the computer and this has helped in the better customer satisfaction to the customers. We can get answers to our queries or can communicate with the help of all the programs that have been created. If we did not have the invention of the digital computers, we would not have speedy development in the technology field and I think that John Vincent Atanasoff’s contribution in the field of computer is very crucial and have resulted in the advancement of other technology areas as well.

“John Vincent later got divorced with his wife and he remarried Alice Crosby who was working in Washington during the war years. He became the chief scientist for the Army Field in Fort Monroe, Virginia. He also established the Ordnance Engineering Corporation, a research and engineering company in Rockville, Maryland. He later retired in 1961,” as mentioned in JVA Biography. He later died of stroke on June 15, 1995 at his home in Maryland because of a long-term illness.

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