Italy is known for many things

Italy is known for many things. Most of these being shaped like a boot, and the cuisines that they have. They are known for their delicious pastas, pizzas, and many other amazing foods. They are known for their talent in the arts. Many high end fashion companies come from Italy, and many of the really famous, and talented artists also come from Italy. They are known for their love of family and other beliefs.
Italy is led by their president Sergio Mattarella. It has a population of more than 62 million people. About 96% of that population is pure italian, while the rest are people of different european countries. This number of people puts Italy at the 23rd most populated country in the world. 93% of the people who live in Italy speak Italian, which is their official language, but their is also many other languages spoken all throughout Italy. Some of the other languages spoken are Sardinian, Friulian, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Ligurian, Piedmontese, Venetian, Calabrian, and Milanese (which is spoken in Milan).
Each town is remarkably different do to the rugged landscape keeping them away from each other. This separation has caused many of the cities and towns to become very independent and have their very own customs. Many of the different places eat slightly different food, and just have different ways of living their lives. In central Italy the more commonly known Italian dishes like spaghetti and pizza exist. However, northern Italy is based around totally different ingredients. In northern Italy they eat different types of meat and cheeses rather than pasta. In southern Italy tomatoes are very common. Their meals are also based around a lot of different vegetables.
One thing that does not change no matter where you are in Italy is the love for one’s family. Family is very important to Italians. They care for not just their immediate family, but also for their extended family. There are many family gatherings all around Italy as it is very important to keep in contact with them. At these gatherings there is food, music, and dancing all around. Being with family is a very important custom for the people of Italy.
Another ideal that is important to Italian culture is religion. Many of the people who reside in Italy are Roman Catholics, due to Rome being in Italy. Vatican City, which is where the Pope resides and many famous museums, is one of the hot spots for religion. While Vatican City is not technically part of Italy, as it is it’s own country, it is surrounded by Italy and can be considered a very important part of Italy’s culture. 80% of Italy’s religion is made up of Roman Catholics and other types of Christianity. A growing religion in Italy, which makes up 20% of it’s religion, is Islam, agnostic, and atheist. This number is only continuing to grow as more people come and go.
Italy’s official currency is the Euro just like much of the rest of Europe. While Italy is known for their amazing businesses such as Prada and Fiat, many of the businesses there are not owned by huge corporations. Many of the businesses are small to medium sized, and are ran by one single family. Italians prefer to have less fancy meetings, and to have them with people that they already know, because they don’t trust what outsiders say.
The average Italian family is just like how a “normal” family would be visualised. The father is the sole earner of the family, and leads everything. The mother would than be expected to take care of the kids and the house. This may change soon however. Many of the typical gender roles are changing all around the world and Italy will not be able to avoid this.
Italy has beautiful scenery with mountains and ocean views, and a beautiful culture. Their culture is rich with art, music, and wonderful food that everyone across the world loves and replicates. They have a lot of people who live their life in different ways despite being from the same country. They celebrate many of the same holidays that we do, an


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