It is certain that Fraser and Neave Holdings Berhad

It is certain that Fraser and Neave Holdings Berhad (F&NHB) has to improve on some things to gain more profit. Since Malaysia consists of a lot of races and culture, one of the recommendations which can be shared to the company is that it should produce seasonal products based on the festivals in specific places. In 2016, F&NHB said that seasonal programmes including the 100 Plus gold-themed during the Chinese New Year has increased the revenue of the company. (The Star Online, 2016). However, to improve things on this, instead of producing existing products, it is suggested that the company should produce festive drinks and food which are suitable for specific festivals so that It can meet and connect with local tastes and preferences.
Other than that, the company should emphasise more on their international market to increase its market share. Other than creating the awareness of the people about their products, they can increase their export earnings. In particular, new unique technologies should be used in processing the input products to lower down the cost of production. The inventory turnover may be produced more frequent and the net profit margin will increase. For example, F&NHB has spread the business to Thailand in 2007. Because of this, the business is going so well that it boosts up the revenue of the company.
It is undeniable that F&NHB is one of the most successful companies in Malaysia. With their ‘No. 1 Total Beverage Company in Malaysia by 2020’ vision, it shows that the company has their own goal. Although the expectation for F&NHB to succeed in the future is high, the same strategy used right now will not guarantee the success in the future. Due to the modernisation, every other companies will compete on the stage to prove that they can be on the top. Therefore, a well-planned strategy is important instead of just focus on the current products so that it will stay strong and capable to face the coming challenges.


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