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It boggles my mind how women can even consider an abortion especially knowing the scientific facts and similarities a human already on earth. In the case of not wanting a pregnancy, there are countless resources available to assist in that. You can straight out participate in existence. You can use contraceptives and even take birth control. Even after a sexual encounter, there is medication to prevent the development of the baby. As minimal time goes by Within days of pregnancy the evolution is well on its way. Within 2 weeks a heart begins to pump. At week 3 essential connectors of the spine and nervous system begin to form as well as organs of the liver and kidney. Eyes, hands and brain waves are detectable at 4 weeks. In 6 weeks the baby grows muscles. At 8 weeks the baby starts to move and smile. In the 9th and 10th weeks, the baby’s teeth and hair grow. At 16 weeks the baby the baby shows attitude and personality kicking around. At 20 weeks the baby responds to light and sound. In the following weeks if healthy the baby can even be born prematurely. It is a quick process in which the baby is constantly growing like the rest of us and are not balls of tissue or clusters of cells. At which point is it where the mother chooses when the normal characterized baby in the womb dies?

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