As we know that we are living in a materialistic society where maximum number of people think about what they have instead of what they are. Majority of people are judge by brands as there is a prominence on the name of brand of clothes you are wearing, brand of car you drive, location of your home and many more things that we have in our life. People look at each other’s lifestyle and think that others are living better and joyous life than them. In today’s world of 21st century, this type of thinking of people make them aspire for money instead of happiness. However, a happy life is more than important than any other that we can buy from market. We cannot buy happiness from any market as it is not a materialistic thing or any physical thing. In this article we will know or learn about materialism and its role in 21st century, so keep reading this article.
Definition of Materialism:
The form of metaphysical doctrine which holds the matter is the fundamental substance in nature and all the phenomena like mental and consciousness, which interact from material is called as Materialism. In easy words we can say that it is related to the physical things that we can see and judge as we discuss above. People who think having money, possessions, lifestyle is the only thing that is important to make them happy in life is called materialism.
There are lot of people who spend their whole life in spending the money to buy different things as they believe that the things will give them more appeasement. The recognition of the people is the main problem in 21st century as it can be dangerous for you and your family. People watch other enjoying in clubs, parties, buying new things like branded clothes, cars, homes etc and they also starts thinking that they should buy the same things to make their lifestyle better. But majority of people don’t have that much money to buy those branded things, so they borrow a loan from banks or someone and buy things but at the end they are not able to return or payback the loan which makes their life more disturbed than earlier.
Facts of Materialism:
We are living in society which is brainwashing us to buy more and more costly things as we live in between the people that are spending money constantly. These type of society wants people to aim to become so wealthy so some people trying to undertake this which is next to impossible. It is not a bad thing to have big and branded things but you should think about your limits first that what you can buy and afford. These days the value of these things like money and materials are more than any achievement or efforts of people. people judge our achievements or abilities by what we have right now. Is this right? Instead of thinking these type of things people should use their energy to make the world better and peaceful where all can live happily.
people these days think about the quality of things which can they buy to impress their relatives, neighbors or friends to show off them that they buy a costly thing. Nothing will last forever either you have a big house or a costly car. People are living their life very fast and they forget to enjoy the life and now life is all about how successful you are and how much money you are earning. The main of people these days is on materialism instead of beautiful memories and important things in life such as their own families.
How it effects on our lives?
According to many surveys and statistics it is stated that Materialism is very bad for us. If a person have huge amount of money or is a rich person that does not mean that he/she is living a happy and satisfied life. Money cannot buy everything so should think about the best times instead of best things possible. No one have time to sit and relax these days, all are running to be more successful and earning more money. You should make time for yourself and your family because the time will never come back, you can earn money and can be successful anytime but the time spend with family will never come back.
You will get life only once so you should make it best and learn to be happy with the things you have instead of competing with rich people which can ruin your present life. By decreasing the amount of materialism and increasing the amount of memories you can make your life easy and live happily. To meet all the expenses parents have to work more in the offices by which they are not able to monitor their children’s life which is running very fast. All families these now a days is earning and saving money to make more and more money, so when they will start worrying about the life of their children instead of financial issues? So think about it and give more time to your family instead of money and materialism. People are more important than any brands or costly things.
People are living without their parents, kids, wife but they cannot live without their cell phones and laptops. people love to do worship of money instead of God. The people of 21st century become so practical these days because of materialism which is corrupting our culture. People are there to be loved and the things are made to be used, so see the difference in the line as well but people are doing reverse these days by using people and loving different things which can be buy and replaced anytime which makes chaos in the world. The people cannot be replaced but we can replace things either cheap or costly. So, now decide yourself which better for you to live a happy life, materialism or your family.


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