Information Technology is also known as “I

Information Technology is also known as “I.T”, referring to anything related to computer technology, such as the internet, network, hardware, software, or people working with this technology. Research from UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute provides useful information about the use of video games on campus campus. This data indicates that most college students play video games regularly, and a small percentage use it as the main means of entertainment and leisure. In Freshman Research 2009, about 1% of respondents claimed to play more than 20 hours of video each week. Over 35% of respondents stated that they played at least one hour a week

Additionally, the decline in adolescent performance is one of the uncontrolled video game effects. Teens will spend their time playing video games instead of reviewing lessons, doing homework and homework provided by their teachers. This makes their academic performance down from time to time and will disrupt school and parents. As a result, adolescents will look lightly on their studies and do not strive to improve their academic performance and have no Malay proverbial competition if they can not decide on the rumble. Obviously, one of the consequences of unreliable video game is that the achievement of adolescent lessons will decrease.

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Additionally, the uncontrolled video game results for teens are more relaxed family relationships. It’s called because teens do not spend time with family members as they are too busy with video games and provide many reasons when reprimanded. For example, while waiting for food directed at the restaurant to be delivered, family members should take advantage of time to joke and interact with them rather than playing video games so as not to accurately the Malay proverbs such as enau at the bushes to release them respectively. Through the interaction between family members can strengthen family relationships to comply with the term water-based maxim may not break. That relationship, family relationships will be strangled as a video game not controlled by teenagers who are hoping for the country.

Additionally, video games not controlled by adolescents affect their health. This is why because when they are influenced by video games, teens will be more concerned about themselves. For example, teens will leave their food because they feel like playing video games. When a person’s eating pattern is irregular, his health will be affected because it does not get enough nutrients and ingredients to grow and fight disease and lower the level of one’s immune system. Furthermore, their sleep time will be disturbed due to drowsiness of drowsiness hormone melatonin hormone exposed by eye exposure to light from the video game tool. Obviously, teen health will be affected by video games that can not be used.
In conclusion, there are various effects that teenagers face from uncontrolled video games. Therefore, adolescents should have a high level of determination to trick video games from influencing teenage life due to the circulation of water due to sewer, human comfort round. Through this determination, it is hoped that it will produce excellent juveniles in education, healthy bodies, open minded, intelligent and social communication and have good relationships with family members. Teens with the above features will be able to advance the nation for being a prominent figure. Saidina Ali bin Abi Talib once said that to see the future of a nation, to see his children as they are the determining direction of the future state direction to be more advanced and comparable to the big country


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