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Someone with Inexperience can cause a collision as that person doesn’t know what they are doing or how to prevent it and can cause them to panic and create a collision. They could also drive faster than they can handle and create a collision that way. Inexperienced drivers can badly injure someone while driving and create a collision because they don’t know how to handle the situation properly, and might even make it worse by trying to help.

Someone who is Inattentional while driving may be someone who’s driving with other passengers, someone who is tired or even someone who is just distracted by something either inside or outside the vehicle. Being focused and devoting your attention on the road is the most important thing while driving. If you are an inattentional driver, you are not a safe driver. If your full attention is not on the road you can cause a collision very easily.

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A driver who is Inconsiderate is one of the worst drivers of all. An Inconsiderate driver is the type of driver to not wait their turn at a four way stop, someone who cuts your off, someone who thinks that they are the only person on the road. These types of drivers cause collisions very easily because the other drivers believe that they will follow the rules of the road, but when they don’t it cause hectic on the roads as other drivers must steer away from danger. This causes a chain effect usually ending in a crash.

Impatient drivers are similar to inconsiderate drivers because they don’t wait, and while they don’t wait they don’t care about the consequences. These drivers are also drive aggressively because they throw away the laws of the road because they just want to get to the place they need to be quickly. People don’t realize how easily this can cause collisions, if you are going 70 km/h in a 40 zone and need to stop quickly most likely you will crash as you don’t have the room to slow down and stop.

Being ignorant even off the road is not the best thing. If you are an ignorant drivers it means you don’t care about other people on the road such as inconsiderate drivers. Ignorant drivers can cause collisions by tailgating other drivers or trying to pass others as well. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of ignorant drivers on the road, my father included. Everytime we traveled and the person in front of us was going to slow he would speed up and pass them, luckily there has only been one time where a collision almost happened.

Drivers who have the inability to drive I personally believe they shouldn’t be on the road at all. Some inabilities can be worked around such a disabilities but having the inability to drive can cause many collisions. If you have anxiety behind the wheel and something scares you, you may not handle the situation properly and cause a collision. Also if you don’t have the skill to drive you are not ready to be on main roads as again you don’t know how to properly handle the situation and can easily cause collision.

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