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is an essential process of onboarding new hire for the following goals
It is helps the new hire to settle into their working environment
Planning the induction method right and implement it will help the new comer easy to be productive as soon as possible she/ he join the company
HR team need to ensure the new hire understand their job
– The new joiner feels welcome and fast to get along each other with the existing employee. This motivates them greatly
– New joiner will understand faster and adjust with the company culture in smooth way
– With all the information given correctly to the new joiner will help them to be productive as soon as possible

A professional impression of the company and the management style is created when we do the induction right
It helps to increase the operational efficiency of the organization.
The effective induction training goes a long way in increasing the staff retention rate and reducing turn over the employee in the long run

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When Activity
Week 1 Welcome Introduction to colleagues
Tour the office area and building
Go through Induction plan
Office access card
UAE Culture as specific, such as do and don’t during Ramadan
Week 2 First Aid Location in the office, Pantry, coffee machine manual, Rest Room for gents and ladies, employee handbook, fire alarms and fire exit information

Week 3 Workstation: IT team helps to set up the PC login; telephone directory, using the company machine such as printer scanner, shredded machine, calendar sharing
Admin team show: Meeting room and driver booking; public facility information close to office location
Week 4 The culture of the work area; Make new hire aware of local arrangements regarding hours of work, Payroll, holiday requests, sickness procedure, after hours working, dress code, lunch arrangements, etc.
Week 5 – 12 Outline specifics of job role – (job description)
Define goals, objectives, and expectations
Review probation and performance and system,
Purpose/Activities of the other teams/work areas
Introduce training and development opportunities
I understand from creating and planning an induction process it involves knowledge, understanding, experience, skill, and values. Induction process should have a better plan as in long run will be a return investment to the organization. I Agree that the most important of this process is to ensure all important aspect and points should new hire knows to be on the topic, so it will help the individual adjust faster, make them comfortable since day 1 in the organization and on the other side it is good for company image and its achieve organisation goals also increase the operational efficiency

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