In the drawer boy and Jinch Malrex there are many similarities that can be observed

In the drawer boy and Jinch Malrex there are many similarities that can be observed. In the drawers boy, Miles wants to put on a play based on the works of farming in Ontario. He asks Angus and Morgan if he can observe their works to help him make a more realistic image for his play. From the article, the play Jinch Malrex as it isn’t based around farming it is still set in Ontario. The similarities between the two plays aren’t as noticeable without looking more in depth. Ways that the two plays are similar are the connection between the characters and the actors, the location of the plays and that the plays are based on real people and real situations.

The connection between the creators, actors and the characters can be seen in both Jinch Malrex and The Drawer Boy. The creators/actors are able to feel deeply connected to their own characters. Like in Jinch Malrex, Casandra Landon, who created the character Lisa who lost her parents in a plane crash, says ” I found as I was building this story there was a connection to y life. My father really wasn’t around. In the story Lisa’s mother is not around.” This shows deep contemplation of the creator in order to be closely connected to their characters. In the Drawer boy, Miles has built a connection with the cow Daisy. Miles feels pathos towards Daisy due to her Destiny of “have to make milk, or don’t want to get eaten” (22). As Morgen says to Miles, ” so if you don’t produce, you die, is that it?… You have something in common with my cow there” (23). Which there describes the connection the Miles feels for Daisy. Making a similarity between the two plays and the theater groups, that there is a deep connection that can be felt between the characters and the creators.

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Another similarity would be the locations of where the two plays take place. The locations aren’t in the exact same spot but not far off. Jinch Malrex takes place in Toronto, Ontario, while The Drawer boy doesn’t specify where in Ontario the play takes place. But because Miles wants to make the Drawer boy as realistic as possible the play would probably take place close to where there are actual farmers. It has also mentioned that Miles is original from Toronto, making a connection to Jinch Malrexx and the other kinds who made it as well as Miles who is creating The Farm show.

As it has been said that the actors feel a connection to there characters, another similarity would be that both plays are about real people in real situations that brings a sort of naturalness, improvisational, and uniqueness. Through the performance of Jinch Malrex it reveals the creator’s honest thoughts, mind and personal experiences, as the article explains “the performance makes her point clear. The play’s narrative, both poignant and raw, is performed with the poise of professionals.” And in The Farm show it come off as natural because of how real it seems to the audience. Miles from the Drawer boy preformed research to prefect the show, observing and taking on tasks at Angus and Morgans farm and being vigilant with his note taking so he would be able to recreate the experience for the audience, to create a real experience.

In conclusion, even though both plays tell very different stories, there are many things that the two have in common. As most plays are created to send a message to the audience, often a lot of plays will have the same message that they are trying to sell.


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