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In film making the camera angles ,shots and camera techniques need to be in high stranded because the it’s a main role of film making ,most of film directors uses best cinematographers for in film making because they know how wroth the skills need in cinematography. In Hollywood, Bollywood, and special in local films they most probably show there cinematography talent in action films and adventure films. It is great ; many of today professional video cameras allow you to simply view finding and still get and even effective results can be obtained even under very difficult circumstance. Controls that need to be pre-configured are now completely manual free.

Manly in film making have seen lot of techniques using but not in stranded level, my idea is when you do something new do it 100% correctly. It will depend on cinematographers and film director’s skills. In industry level film making they have best technology and best people to work, so they can easily become industry level film makers. Since 1956, in local cinema still we can see a lot of good film marking with limited resources and some of mistakes. , it will be possible for one to find good solutions in angles, shots, and cinematographic techniques that are not currently used on worldwide.
Because of following reason we need to study camera techniques. There are flinty of reasons to follow modern camera techniques.

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To the smooth inconspicuous camera tehnic world, you’ll need to handle your camera perfectly and consistently. A Striking feature of good picture capturing is that it create and immediate audience impact while hallmark of good picture-making is that it creates an immediate audience impact, while the underlying techniques remain non reference is called operational skill.

Generally audience expect at their impression and how they respond to what they are watching. Mostly depend on how you use your camera the lens angle you chosen. How you use your camera angle of lens you choose. The way you make subject to the picture frame subject within the picture frame, the way you adjust focusing the way you move the camera is called artistic.

Automatically the controlling can be very helpful and especially when the action is very un-forecasted. But as we see they cannot make artistic judgments for you. Even slightest alteration in the positions of the exposure or camera may change the overall face of the picture is called picture quality.

If you are working independently or with the full team of camera and your techniques can directly affect all other objective of the production. The success of the story boards, script, performance, even lighting and specially editing with an quality audio balancing is called coordination.

This research is specially create to provide simple ; gradually direct to effective video camera work for standard you will be known from this handling cameras ,film making and cinematography techniques from simple to complex. Specially it will help you to enhance camera functionality and improve your own styles and fictional skills.

1.2 Objectives of Studying Camera Angles

This study aims to provide one with a wider understanding of the extent to which camera angles have come through in the film industry. The history of camera angles and how it developed in to what it is today will be analyzed. In addition, how modern movies use camera angles will be studied. Providing a clear understanding of the technology of the camera used in the film industry and providing recommendations to get a clear camera angle shot. This information can later be used to carry complete movie projects, music videos, shows and television advertising and other various forms of films.

The author would like to practice the film trailer practically as the final project. and showcase how camera shots involves in production. This can be completed from start to finish. This will be done with the purpose of giving an understanding of the effective use of camera techniques.

Thereafter, the best films with the best camera angles will be discussed. Then the author hopes to highlight on the possible challenges and opportunities that can be found in the film making industry and Practical ways to obtain the best results in face of such problems.

Finally, the author hopes to study on one best film with best camera angles in Sri Lanka. Here, the current problems faced by the film-makers in the country will be discussed and effective measures will be given by providing real examples.

1.3 Research Design

On behalf of video graphing everything from eye level, with the cameras on horizontal. If your camera has a swiveling screen you can use that to monitor the shot while the camera is in absolutely in very special positions .Try to shoot with it notified by up or down. Bend down below the subject, hold the camera to above your head, climb stairs or use a tall tripod or ladder. When the camera is out of reach a remote control is also use to start and stop while shooting and control it as per the way we expected.
The different positions and camera angles, points around the subject, is directly eye contact or from the side. The shots are need to be edited because the capture should be very natural and calm to see as per the normal seen to the audience the flow of story continuously. You need to follow few rules when we shoot in different camera angles and positions.

1.4 Beneficial parties

Since the study comprehensively covers the history of camera angles from the beginning to the present day. It state that a lot of parties will be benefited by this. In getting on with this matter, one would have the capacity to see that this examination will use to anybody that hopes to set out a legitimate establishment in the field of film-production. Since camera angles is an essential part of the movie industry today, students who wish to engage in the industry will find much use in this. Since an analysis about potential cameras are been done, one will be able to guide oneself towards one’s own objectives through the viable use of the data that is given in the investigation.

The creator additionally wishes to extend his subject learning in making mindfulness and information with respect to the open doors that will come to put through data in the investigation. This examination will end up being of awesome help towards the expert life in the field of taping

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