In every living human

In every living human, there is an unforgettable moment including me. One of it is the moment I wanted back to my house at Kelantan around two weeks ago. After English class, I pack my stuff first as usual. I already bought a bus ticket at the bus station near my university. The bus will pick me up at 9 o’clock. Before 15 minutes, I had arrived earlier at the bus station. I am not alone because accompanied by my friend, Ella. While I am waiting for my bus, that was a boy standing in front of me while crying. I wondered why he cried. I asked he why he so sad. He told me that he does not have money to buy anything. Then, he wanted to borrow some money. I thought twice. So I give him RM 50 ringgit although I was broke too. It is fine because I can learn some money from my friend. The boy was disappeared from my eyes. However, one man chides me and told me that the boy was lying to me. Many victims have pranked by him. I was so surprised because that was the first time in my life had been. The lessons I can get is not easy to trust strangers. My bus arrived around thirty minutes.


I'm Lillian

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