In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood, written by Truman Capote is a questionably nonfiction novel that encloses the true story of the gruesome murder of the four Clutter family members, lives that were ended by the barrel of a shotgun. The two killers were men with different backgrounds that came from completely different families, but both ended up in the same situation and making this dreadful decision together. Capote uses different literary devices to aid in developing the killers’ individual roles and how each of them counterbalances the personality and mental state of the other. Capote keeps us informed bit by bit with precise details on each step the murderers take and decisions the family make that support in the end result, the horrendous murder, and afterward, walk us through the aftermath and the precedents that lead to the capture of Dick Hickock and Perry Smith.
Capote, when describing Perry and his childhood, goes in to very deep detail and is sure to not leave out a thing. He goes as far as to talk about his mother and her history as an alcoholic when he was a child. “Perry’s upbringing was marred with violence, tragedy, and misdirection. His mother and father were divorced, and constantly had issues with each other. His mother became an alcoholic, and eventually died upon choking on her own vomit.”(Capote 106). He obviously lived in a badly broken home and his entire family, him included, had been negatively affected by this. Perry explains most of this by stating, “Jimmy a suicide. Fern out the window. My mother dead. Been dead eight years. Everybody gone but dad and Barbara.””(Capote 134)


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