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Importation and exportation of goods (which is also known as International trade) takes a vital role to economic growth of a country, especially to a developing country like Philippines. The trading of goods to the neighbouring countries may be done either through exportation or importation. Importation is the act of bringing in of goods from a foreign territory whether for consumption, warehousing or admission, while exportation refers to the act, documentation and process of bringing goods out of Philippine territory. Imports and exports enable each every country to use its most abundant resources to the best way possible, thus, maximizing the profits they would have in return. Amadeo, K. (2017) said that imports are foreign goods and services bought by residents of a country and exports are the goods and services produced in one country and purchased by the citizens of another country. According to Agarwal, S. (2017), the benefit of trading goods will be equivalent to giving them a chance to enjoy a particular goods of that country which they have experienced shortages of such goods. Although trading of goods may bring disadvantages, it will also bring disadvantages such as posing threat to the survival of infant industries, and may cause the upcoming industries to collapse due to foreign competition and unrestricted in importation of goods. It may also cause for a country to depend their economic development upon the developed countries, though such case will only apply to underdeveloped countries. It can also cause exhaustment of natural resources that will lead to economic downfall of a country due to their excessive exportation of their most abundant resources.
Customs brokers are the individuals who assist the importing and exporting business firm in meeting the requirements governing global trade, hence playing an important role in the advancement of trading of goods among foreign countries. By being the ones who directly prepared the entries of goods, securing releasement of such goods, assessing its correct duties and taxes; they certainly wonder what factors are currently affecting the importation and exportation of goods and as to what kind of effect can it bring, also what common mistakes does the importer or exporter do in order to avoid such mistakes in the future, and also how can they, as customs brokers, would help in mediating the transactions in trading business. Paz, L. (2013) stressed in his website that is all about cargoes, “Reconsidering the importance of trade in a country, all things about it ought to be important as well”. Therefore, a research paper is conducted to know those things.
In the business of trading goods, there are always several factors that might modify/ alter the flow of it. “The factors affecting importation and exportation of goods must be thoroughly analyze and comprehend since it might bring detrimental effects to the Philippines that may cause disadvantageous situations and damaging economy.” Salvador, K. (2017) said. The common mistakes which are committed by various business firms that are engaged in import and export must also be studied for it will not only help to improve the trading of goods but also to help in avoiding such errors again, as stated by Daoui, A. (2015).
This research paper will enumerate the different factors affecting the imports and exports of the Philippines and discusses how such factors will affect the importation and exportation of goods. This research also contains various common mistakes made by the import and export business firms. This will also elaborate the importance of the role of a customs brokers, especially their efficiency in portraying their roles in mediating transactions of several companies engaged in the business of importation and exportation.

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