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Importance of Content Literacy in Business
Shreya Bodugum

New Jersey Institute of Technology

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In today’s business world, literacy skills are critical to success in both academic and work contexts as well as to the general quality of life in the information society. Educators understand how important it is to use technology in their teaching and how much of a positive impact it has on students. This exploratory study examines that using WEB 2.0 tools has a positive impact on student learning on the area of literacy skills.
Importance of Content Literacy in Business
In the twenty first century, business basic leadership, as well as beneficial and productive citizenship by and large, requires abilities in finding, recovering, breaking down and utilizing information. Such skills are important for accomplishment in the present world of business where “data has turned into the main business resource”. In business specifically, there is an explicit need to prepare understudies on the best way to find, evaluate data from a wide range of information sources. The data utilized in business is for learning, building and leadership purposes. There is always an advantage over the competitors if the employees are efficient and data proficient.

Literature review
`Advancement and successful use of all forms of modern interactive technology depends on smart usable systems that are easy to use and do not require expensive training. Business organizations need employees with updated knowledge and skills. Communication and Critical thinking are the two key factors in business. Today’s business world rely on the workforce to keep up with the technological changes. Self-directed business achievement is related to mastering literacy skills.
In todays world, young adults dedicate most of their time to accessing digital media data rather than data from old printed texts. Young adults have lost interest in complex reading activities and find interest in multi-tasking. Almost 60% of the high school students use different sources of media while reading. The digital media has created its own culture for tech-savvy internet users, it seems logical to use this to support literacy and learning. Blogging is seen as one of the most popular way by which young people can express themselves in public. In the digital age, where technology is used as a wide platform for educational purposes, blogging is one of the new inventions used in the field of education. As said by the author blogging is one of the most well known epitomes of right to speak freely on the web since users are permitted to upload their writings and speak their point of issue without any issue. Blogging is a media which helps students develop great literacy skills and communication skills . While blogging is utilized in classrooms, it helps students become dynamic individual in this day to day changing community. Especially with business students, communication is the key factor. One important use of blogging is that it can be used as a learning journal which can be connected in settings for example projects that require research or learning where students are asked to solve complex issues which would help them in their future business.

This study was done to illustrate that content literacy skills improve when collaborative sites are integrated to develop a class project. The study consisted of 60 undergraduate business students who belonged to two different undergraduate business courses. It was taken at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at a private university in the MENA. The study was divided into two groups: a control group and an experimental group.

For the face-to-face group (control group) the participants were asked to form a group of 5 and work on a research paper. They required a minimum of three resources, books/ articles from the library. They took four weeks to learn about the project.

For the online group `(experimental group), they also worked in groups of 5 in a blended learning approach- both face to face approach and online blog. They learnt about the project online and could clear their doubts when met face to face.

It was found that the online participants improved their content literacy skills more than those working face-to-face. They could develop a better research project with secondary sources. They had the extra time because they used the blog online to understand the project which saved them time. The participants working on the blog developed literacy skills that were focused on gathering meaningful and useful business sources.

It is become very essential for instructors and educational professionals to enhance innovation and technology as a method of improving their students learning experiences and capacities. The social and cultural aspects of blogging increases student comprehension. This case study showed that blogging motivated undergraduate business students to improve their content literacy. The author personally felt that blogging acts as a better medium for students to convey their message. It in fact also helps them improve their overall literacy skills which is very important in the business field. I strongly recommend that business educators integrate media-rich social networking technology into their courses, both directly and indirectly, considering the moderating variables of readiness and interactive comprehension in order to build content literacy into their students business portfolio (Ferris, 2012; Blanchard & Moore, 2010).

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