Immigrants build America The discussion on immigration has become one of the greatest in the recent past

Immigrants build America
The discussion on immigration has become one of the greatest in the recent past. With new governance in the United States, The Trump Government, which has got a new set of ideological views towards the immigrants, there has been a vast change in the way they are viewed and treated. The majority of the people who migrate to the United States either illegally or legally are not troublesome people. Most of them are the less fortunate who at times move from their countries in search of better education and health services. Some view America as a safe refuge from war, mainly those from the United Arab Emirates.
With the new laws on immigration, the fate of over 800,000 youths lies on balance. They are not sure about what to do next if by any case they are deported back into their native countries. The assumption and negative attitude towards the immigrants are entirely wanting. The Native Americans at times tend to focus on the negatives and fail to recognize some essential advantages of the immigrants in their country. The discussion on board is how the immigrants make America great.
Immigrants are a great contributor to the net in America. Most of them, participate in entrepreneurial activities twice as much as the native-born Americans. Many of the immigrants bring a large amount of capital and invest in America which then leads to them being a source of employment for the native-born citizens, which is an economic advantage. There have been a lot of foreign-born co-founders of the tech companies in American which is evident on the positive entrepreneurial ideology on some of these immigrants.
Immigrants play a significant role in increasing the consumer demand for both goods and services. The economy of America is based on the spending of the consumer making the presence of immigrants a critical advantage. There is also a provision essential scientific research, technical help and knowledge from the highly skilled immigrants to the many industrial sectors. The low- skilled immigrants subsidies the American middle-class by decreasing the prices paid for services and various products, which creates a balanced economic class.
The native-born population is experiencing a decline in the fertility rate, and there has also been rapid aging, this badly needed gap is filled in by the immigrants. The ‘people of color’ and the immigrants are highly raising the American’s future tax-base and workforce. The Medicare and Social Security services of the older, Whiter Americans is supported by the taxes paid by the immigrants and younger, browner Americans which is an advantage to them.
In a view to the sports and entertainment industries in America, immigrants and the African- Americans are the main contributors. Like the basketball games NBA, at least 80 per cent of the players are not native-born Americans but have represented the country in both national and international games showing a sense of belonging. The music industry also has created a lot of revenue in the country, like the rap, RnB and hip-hop, which the most significant percentages are the people of color and foreigners. It has thus been a question of discussion whether you have to be talented to be accepted in America.
We should not push the immigrants and view them only on the economic advantages. They are human like anyone else and also need to have a sense of belonging. Contrary to common assumptions and political rhetoric, immigrates are not a social, political nor economic threat. Most of these people are law-abiding citizens with the crime rate among them comparably low compared to that of the native-born Americans. It is for America’s gain to accept the immigrants. Though legal channels and caution should be taken to identify who is allowed in the country, pushing away the immigrants and those who have lived there for years even with no criminal record will, the Americans will be shooting their leg


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