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Identify a serious challenge facing students today, and propose three suitable solutions.

English is now the language of instruction of all level of education in Malaysia, from preschool to tertiary level. Communication has enabled mankind to progress and become a developed nation. Communication is important not only for the smooth running of a business, but also important to the success and growth of professional and individual executive. Many of our students have trouble finding jobs locally, particularly because their poor command in their English language. According to the English experts, the reason why students poor in this subject includes; the lack of reading and writing English, poor attention given to the subject, vernacular speaking in schools and environmental conditions among a host of others. They should practice more to get success in it. There are some suggestions to improve in English language.

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One of the suggestions is speak and read the language whenever they can. Firstly, they should speak English with their family and friends. They do not be ashamed to try to speak the language. They should not be fear that other people will tease them. In fact, family and friends will admire them, because of their courage and confidence. They should constantly keep in mind that good to make mistakes and improve with what they did wrong and improve that. Reading can improve their speaking. They should read as much as possible, and use a dictionary for the words they couldn’t understand”. Reading is a good way to improve grammar and learn new vocabulary and language structures.

Another solution to improve in English language is written in a diary or journal in English. This is where they can write down any in it. They can also write about places they go, what they ate or who they met. They should find out someone who consider have good English language to review their written work and have a sensible conversation with people. In this way, they can improve their writing skills in their English.

One other solution to improve in English language is watch English movie with subtitles. This will be the most favourite way for students to learn English. Not only do students get to have a fun time know how to pronouns them. Apart from film students can watch CNN International or other English channels for example Oh My English Programme. They will get a lot of perfect sentences in excellent English.

In conclusion, when they improve their vocabulary, they will attract the attention of people. Depends on who they attract, the number of doors can open doors that would be closed to someone who uses the common vocabulary level. People would see them as a person with intelligence, and it will be clear that they are knowledge able.


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