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I feel a crucial part of a leader’s role in supporting and developing a team and its members is to provide a sense of purpose. The leader is responsible for determining and setting the common goal and engaging others to work towards this.
The team leader can collaborate with individuals to develop objectives that focus on the team’s daily working practices therefore creating a sense of purpose and individual/ team achievements.
The leader must not only recognise and utilise each team member’s abilities and attributes but also be able to bring them together to ensure that each and every team member is engaged and focused in the work so that the team’s efforts and achievement are shared as a whole.
Also, I feel that the leader should encourage learning and development within a team to ensure the skills and requirements needed to successfully complete the overall goal are met, this in turn will create a more valued workforce, employees will feel less likely to want to leave if they are being recognised and pushed to achieve their maximum potential.

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