I believe that boys and Girls should be taught in the same class

I believe that boys and Girls should be taught in the same class. At school, children are taught to get along with people from other cultures, races, ages, and backgrounds. It teaches acceptance of people’s differences and ways of thinking. Gender shouldn’t be any different. It is important to teach children to respect gender differences and similarities. It’s not like anyone has coodies.
Firstly, girls and boys can influence each other. According to scientific research, most boys are more logical than girls. Most girls are impacted by their emotions when doing things. Girls can learn from boys how to solve problems without overeating. On the other hand, most girls mature faster than boys. Because of that girls can positively influence them.
Secondly, some people may enjoy hanging out with the other gender. For example, a girl may hang out with a group boys more often than other girls. It doesn’t mean she likes the boys, she may just want to get away from all the “girl drama”. Sometimes the other gender can be a really big help. Even though you may think they don’t understand, it could surprise you what they know. If boys and girls were separated, they wouldn’t be able to make that connection.
Lastly, parents want their children to be prepared for the “real world” where men and women aren’t segregated. If boys and girls were taught in separate classes they may see the other gender as separate, strange or different. This will not help children be prepared for the “real world”. They need to be provided with experience for later on in life when both genders work alongside each other in all aspects of jobs and professions.


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