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In making lives better, the researchers made a framework of a project that helps on cleaning the whiteboard. The principle point of the researchers’ project is to spare time. The design project aims to know how to improve manual application of doing work to automated application. With this “Remote-Controlled Whiteboard Eraser”, the researchers makes it possible for the users to lighten their loads. This product will be more efficient for the users because it will help them to have less time in erasing the writings in the whiteboard. The researchers came up with this idea/concept by observing their environemnt and analyzing what problem must get an attention and a solution. One of the things that the researchers obsreved is the hardship of the teachers in erasing the writings on the whiteboard. The researchers then searched and brainstormed ideas to formulate on how to solve this problem. By using a DC motor, the machine is able to move the eraser attached to it in a specific direction. The user will also be able to control the machine via a remote control mechanism. With the help of the remote control, the user will save more time and effort in erasing the writings on the board. It is far more easier than a manual operation. The main user of this product is the teachers. When they use manual operation, it might hurt their back, exhaust them and waste their time in just erasing the writings on the board. Some of us know that the teachers already has a tiring job and we, the reaserchers, wanted to help them by producing this product. It will also benefit not just the teacher but also the whole class. With the help of this product, they will be given more time to discuss and learn their lessons. Since this product is remote-controlled, when the teacher presses the button to erase the writings on the board, the teacher will be given a time to talk or interact more with the students while the machine carry on in erasing the writngs on the board which only lasts about 25 seconds or more depending on the writings on the board. The system of parts working together in this machine are interconnected in which the remote control is used to control the eraser attached in the whiteboard eraser. The eraser will be moved from right to left or left to right. The effectiveness of this product would aid the users to directly erase the content/writings written on the board without consuming a lot of time and exerting much more efforts through the help of the remote control. After we come up with our product, we have many preffered materials but the main material used in erasing the writings on the board is really the eraser cloth. The researchers used the eraser cloth because it is the most appropriate material for this product. This eraser cloth is attached in a sliding door case which will be the body of the eraser. Attached to ends of the body are the roller which gives the ability of the eraser to move freely from left to right or right to left depending on its position. Then this will be attached to the whiteboard which also has a border made up of sliding door case. The sliding door case is made possible to be the border of the whiteboard because it will the place where both the ends of the eraser with roller will be attached, vertically.

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